IIAD’s First Convocation Ceremony

IIAD’s First Convocation Ceremony

IIAD organized its first Convocation ceremony for the Batch 2015-2019 on the 25th January, 2020 at the India International Centre (IIC). Professor Steven Spier, Vice-Chancellor of Kingston University, London attended the convocation ceremony along with Professor Mandy Ure, Interim Dean, Kingston School of Art, Kingston University, UK. Students of Fashion Design, Interior Architecture and Design and Communication Design received B.A. (Hons) Degrees from Kingston University.

The zeal and energy of the students was palpable as they embraced the culmination of four years of hard-work and diligence. Professor Spier handed out the degrees to the graduating class. Members of faculty also received Postgraduate Certificates for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education from the Vice-Chancellor. Following that, Ms. Ure distributed the Outstanding Academic Performance Awards and the Overall Achievement Awards to deserving students.

The following awards were handed out:

IIAD Outstanding Academic performance List

Talking about IIAD’s efforts to create a paradigm shift in the field of design and groom the next generation of ethical and innovative designers, Professor Spier assured the students and said “you are now part of a global community – you are also a Kingston alumni. This is just the beginning of our relationship and collaboration”.

Ms. Mandy Ure spoke about the importance of making things that have an impact locally and globally. She stressed the importance of curiosity and imagination in the process. She said, “Experiment, create, fall down and get back up again. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and always be eager to learn.”

Speaking on the occasion, IIAD’s Director Dr. Jitin Chadha said, “This day belongs to you and I am so glad we are celebrating this momentous event together. We are extremely proud of our first graduating batch. All the hard-work and perseverance of the students, their teachers and mentors have come to fruition today and we couldn’t be happier. You all are ready to take on the world!”

Professor Usha Patel, Dean Academics at IIAD, encouraged the students to dream big, convert those dreams into reality and face any challenges that may come their way with conviction.

The ceremony ended on a note of vigour and positivity as the graduating batch had the chance to intermingle with one another, with the existing students and the Faculty and relive the memories they made as students of IIAD.

As a part of their visit to India, Professor Spier and Ms. Ure also visited the IIAD campus where they interacted with the students and Faculty and enjoyed the work that was on display. They addressed the students and discussed design, IIAD’s collaboration with Kingston University and the avenues open for the students in the future.This was Professor Spier’s second visit to the IIAD Campus, after the first during the institute’s initiation, six years ago.

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