Fashion Communication Courses

Promoting fashion and lifestyle brands through visual communication across a diverse landscape of marketing, branding, PR, styling, social media, and trend prediction.

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The course is at the intersection of Fashion styling, visual communication and marketing that equips students to create compelling messaging for brand promotion across digital and traditional media.

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Fashion Context

Emerging Careers

Creative Collaboration

Learning and Beyond

Visual communication and brand promotion are taught through the lens of the fashion and lifestyle industry, giving our graduates a distinct advantage in this profession. Explore how fashion brands learn to communicate creative ideas with consumers.

The advent of digitisation of the fashion industry has led to a rapid increase in demand for visual communication and promotion of fashion brands. Emerging careers such as Instagram Influencers, Social Media marketers, Stylists and Fashion forecasters are gaining prominence.

Active collaborations between professionals, faculty and peers from different disciplines allows students to learn ‘with’ and ‘from’ each other. Our emphasis on networking, pitching ideas with confidence and seeking feedback from experts, infuses students with an entrepreneurial spirit, and they become experienced and employable.

We extend learning beyond the confines of this discipline in the larger socio-cultural, creative and commercial realms. Students develop their knowledge of the contemporary fashion landscape through industry lead and social projects.

Creating compelling visuals to eradicate social taboos through strong styling.

Students work on their projects using film and photography to create compelling brand messaging.

Understanding the visual language in terms of fabrics, Indian crafts and sustainable materials to promote Indian textiles

Promoting design, creativity, research & talent at the international level. Students learn to organise and style events.

Discovering the self through the design process - using various software tools

IIAD Faculty Aarti Oberoi
Aarti Uberoi
Associate Professor

Aarti Uberoi is a multi-disciplinary design practitioner with over two decades of experience as a consultant, academician and entrepreneur. An alumna of Massey University, New Zealand and NIFT, New Delhi. She also holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE) from Nottingham Trent University, UK.

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Shaaz Ahmed
Shaaz Ahmed
Associate Professor

Rich experience of over 20 years in Animation, Design and Storytelling, Shaaz has been an explorer in methods and mediums of visual narratives. As the Founding Director of Mud n Water - a Communication Design Studio, he has produced Animations, Urban Art, Space Design, Ad Films, Short films, Documentaries and Performance Art.

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IIAD Faculty Manisha Pritilaya
Manisha Pritilaya
Assistant Professor

Manisha is a specialist in Creative Branding and Marketing. She has been working in the space of advertising and brand communication design for more than a decade now. Manisha was a visiting faculty at GD Goenka University, Gurugram, for four and a half years. As a faculty member at the Communication Design department, Manisha is committed to redefining the spheres of branding, advertising, marketing, and creative education.

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IIAD Faculty Shachi Parmar
Shachi Parmar
Assistant Professor

Endorsed by a Masters in Digital Innovation and Creativity, and heralded by her 10 multi-disciplinary years in the creative industries, Shachi’s motivation lies in creating new digital strategies that redefine ideas, values, and identity, meeting struggles of change and constant innovation, adaptability, and efficiency.

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IIAD Faculty Suman Bhandary
Suman Bhandary
Assistant Professor

Suman Bhandary is a typeface designer and font developer who graduated with a MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading, UK and a recipient of the prestigious Charles Wallace Scholarship. He has contributed as a Principal Designer of the font “Mina” published by Google Fonts and featured by Google Design, in 2017.

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Inderjit Singh Jassel
Inderjit Singh Jassel
Technical Lecturer

Inderjit Singh Jassel is a seasoned industry professional with over 13 years of experience in Visual Communication and Graphic Design. He has hands-on experience in creative project management and is highly skilled in tech applications in design

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IIAD Faculty Varud Gupta
Varud Gupta
Visiting Faculty

Varud Gupta was born and bred for business until an existential crisis sent him travelling and writing through the culinary cultures of the world. It was on this journey he fell in love with storytelling.

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The Denim Project
Guest Lecture at IIAD

Developing critical design thinking - students presenting, discussing, debating and defending through their ideas.

IIAD’s photography lab is equipped with tools like DSLR cameras, professional lighting, backgrounds and screens made available for students to explore visuals, moving images and for documentation purposes.

Events organized on Campus

To bridge gaps between the student and the Industry, design professionals from various fields are invited to the campus to impart practical knowledge.

Peer discussion and collaborative work form an integal part of the pedagogical practices at IIAD

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