Indian Institute
of Art and Design

is built on three
The Individual

We focus on developing your individual voice, enabling you to find your place in the world to contribute with your unique vision.

The Process

We support learning through enquiry, exploration and experimentation in an open-ended, interdisciplinary environment.

The Community

We nurture collaborative partnerships and relationships between academia and industry that go a long way in fostering your growth as a designer.

“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s,
we rob them of tomorrow”

– John Dewey

Our unique education format and alliance with Kingston School of Art integrates design holistically with the arts and crafts. Academic experience, administrative support and services at IIAD, are as per quality assurance and procedures, which are governed by the international standards established by UK’s Quality Assurance Agency.

Kingston School of Art

IIAD provides a dynamic studio-based environment that is professional and practical, fluid and innovative. Students are inspired to find their own unique voice through a rigorous inquiry-based, learner-centric approach that encourages experimentation, innovation and collaborative practice. Our project based learning and ‘thinking through making’ approach makes our graduates industry-ready with a professional outlook.

With museums, craft-hubs, art galleries, expos and industry, the city offers a vibrant learning experience. The 75,000 sq ft. IIAD campus in the industrial suburb of Okhla in South Delhi, provides great opportunities for students to explore industrial set-ups, workshops, national level events, exhibitions and expos. The city and its environs are crucial in shaping students as we give access to the best of creative, business and professional expertise.

Our distinguished faculty members are experienced educators and practitioners with strong industry affiliations. They bring their research and expertise to impact students’ learning, both inside and outside the studio. Students are also supported by a diverse body of professionals who are committed to making their entire educational journey from induction to graduation, a seamless experience.

The quest to learn, explore and discover is what sparks the human mind to embark on new adventures. Our pi.designers are reputed for their ability to not just ask how, but why. As designers, out in the world, our graduates stay lifelong learners. Just like the value of pi keeps growing infinitely, they never settle into a repetitive pattern. They adapt and transform. They absorb and change. They embark on adventures to find new opportunities.


bridging gaps
building bridging

IIAD is a bridge between








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