“You bring your life along, everything is valuable. That is what makes you unique.

“It is amazing how even with a common brief, we all tend to think from different perspectives.”

“So you go on evolving an idea as you make with your hands... making is no longer merely a technique to test or give shape to your ideas. Making itself becomes a thinking tool.”

“10 years from now we will be 'The Industry’ and this makes it very important to collaborate with people from various professional backgrounds.”

“It is not just old knowledge getting passed down. If a new concept is introduced in the industry, it finds its way into the classroom.”

- Rohin Sher, Associate Professor, IAD
- Shyam Terukula, 2019 - 23, Foundation Year
- Prachi Mittal, Course Leader, Foundation
- Malavika Thampi, 2017-21, FD
- Anjali Esther Joshy, 2017-21, CD
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