Interior Architecture and Design Course

As an interior architect you will create spaces and experiences by responding to how humans interact with and inhabit spaces. IIAD prepares you for these challenges of designing built environments, enabling you to give existing spaces a new life through your unique design process.

Course highlights

At the intersection of architecture, interior and experience design, the Interior design course inculcates a multi-disciplinary approach to transforming existing spaces.

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Thinker & Maker

Critically Creative

Our Interior Architecture Design course is distinguished from courses in interior design and decoration, by our rigorous focus on adaptive reuse, refurbishment and retrofitting as well as detailing technical services. We prepare you to address the emerging trends of living and working in the 21st century, by re-imagining existing spaces and adapting them to changing needs.

While an architect looks at space and structures from the outside, an interior architect takes an inside-out perspective. You learn to respond to how humans inhabit and interact with interior environments through sensitive design. We focus on detailing and design of micro elements within the macro environment.

Our philosophy of thinking-through-making encourages students to develop their design ideas through hands-on-working with a variety of media and materials. We set a fine balance between traditional skills, contemporary practices and future technology.

Rigorous analysis of ideas and beliefs by self-critique paves the way for excellence. You learn to balance your intuitive thinking and logical reasoning, leading to better design solutions. Students get set on a creative adventure, empowering them to become self-reflective practitioners.

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IIAD Student design pop up store

Sakshi Sarawgi designed a luxurious residence as part of an internship at NSN Studio Devine.

An ideation process documented through sketches by Pranjali Rawat (Batch of 2021)

Fejin Ali - worked on creating an art gallery museum as part of the major design project in the final year

Palak Jain - a terrace design of a residential space as part of the major design project (final year).

Alumni thesis project wherein the student worked on a Pepper manufacturing workspace in Calicutt and converted it into an art gallery museum. Fejin Ali-Alumini

As part of a pop-up store project, students learnt about temporary structures. This display system was made by Mansi Almadi at the IIAD campus.

Interior Architecture and Design student, Anjali Chauhan, designed a pop-up store The focus of this project was to learn about temporary structures by designing a display system. The Select City Walk Mall, New Delhi, is in talks with IIAD to help create temporary retail structures for the mall.

success stories

“Faculty are the best books we have. We learn from them both inside and outside the studio”

“It is not just old knowledge getting passed down. If a new concept is introduced in the industry, it finds its way into the classroom.”

Amana Abdullah, Interior Architecture & Design
Himal Pandita, Interior Architecture & Design

Snehanshu Mukherjee
ProfessorInterior Architecture & Design

course leaders

IIAD Faculty Madhu Pandit
Madhu Pandit
Associate Professor

Madhu Pandit is the Associate Professor in the Interior Architecture and Design Department at the Indian Institute of Art & Design.

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IIAD Faculty Rashim Mahajan
Rashim Mahajan
Associate Professor

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin With more than a decade of experience, Rashim has always been a firm believer and preacher of “Learning by Doing”. She is versatile and open to learning, with multiple feathers in her hat. She is an Architect, Interior Designer and a Scientific Vastu Consultant. She has worked on varied projects from the interiors of a residence to the interiors of a 5-star Hotel (Marriott), retail stores to a shopping mall, joggers park to high end villas. She has been the Head of Department of Interior Design at INFID, Jalandhar and has also worked as an Associate Professor at Pearl Academy, New Delhi. Rashim has also taught at Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar and Govt. Polytechnic for Women in the early years of her career.

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IIAD Faculty Rohin Sher
Rohin Sher
Associate Professor

Over the last 15 years, Rohin Sher has specialised in understanding, measuring and talking about the adverse effect of modern architecture, interior practices on our environment.

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IIAD Faculty Mani Sharma
Mani Sharma
Assistant Professor

Mani enjoys creating experiences in physical and virtual planes and is interested in juxtaposing Art with Design as she explores structure, mixed media and analog interfaces.

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IIAD Faculty Kanika
Kanika Arora

Having graduated as an Outstanding Scholar from Savannah College of Art and Design (United States), with a Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design, Kanika Arora is a Commercial Interior Designer, Architect, Educator and Panelist. Kanika completed her Bachelor of Architecture

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Material Construction Lab at IIAD
Shushmita Rai work at IIAD Graduate Show
Shambhavi Gautam work at IIAD Graduate Show
Reinvent Design at IIAD
Arduino workshop at iiad

Student working in the Material Construction Lab for an IAD project at the IIAD campus

Interior Architecture and Design student Sushmita Rai with her final projectat IIAD’s first graduate show 2019.

Interior Architecture and Design student Shambhavi Gautam setting up her display of the entire year’s work for IIAD’s first graduate show 2019.

IIAD hosts Team Indiefolio, India’s largest online network for creative professionals along with tech giants, HP for a day-long session titled ‘Reinvent Design.’

Arduino Workshop: Prem Sagar, founder of Banaao works with IAD students with the motto to help everyone think, innovate and build

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