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Dr. Jitin Chadha
Founder & CEO
Dr Jitin Chadha | IIAD Director
Prof. Usha Patel
Director - Academics
Usha Patel of IIAD
Simrat Joshi
Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Sunita Gupta Konwar
Course Leader ProfessorFashion Business Management
Sunita Gupta Konwar
Saumya Pande
Course Leader ProfessorFashion Design
Saumya Pande
Snehanshu Mukherjee
Course Leader ProfessorInterior Architecture Design
Aarti Uberoi
Course Leader Associate ProfessorCommunication Design
Aarti Uberoi
Kishore Chakraborty
Course Leader Associate ProfessorFoundation in Design
Kishore Chakraborty
Sundeep Ramudamu
Course Leader Associate ProfessorFashion Communication
Anshoo Rajvanshi
Associate ProfessorFoundation in Design
anshoo rajvanshi
Chandrika Kumari
Associate ProfessorCommunication Design
Chandrika Kumari
Josh P. S.
Associate ProfessorFoundation in Design
IIAD Faculty Josh PS
Madhu Pandit
Associate ProfessorInterior Architecture Design
IIAD Faculty Madhu Pandit
Pankaj Narain
Associate ProfessorFoundation in Design
IIAD Faculty Pankaj Narain
Prachi Mittal
Associate ProfessorAcademic Quality Management
IIAD Faculty Prachi Mittal
Pranay Mangrati
Associate ProfessorFoundation in Design
IIAD Faculty Pranay Mangrati
Sunil Sethi
IIAD Academic Council Sunil Sethi
Raseel Gujral Ansal
IIAD Academic Council Raseel Gujral
Nikhil Arora
IIAD Academic Council Nikhil Arora
Leena Singh
IIAD Academic Council Leena Singh
Professor Steven Spier
Vice Chancellor - Kingston University
Prof Steven Spier
Prof. Anne Boddington
Pro Vice Chancellor - Kingston
Anne Boddington
Ms Samantha Elliot-Coles
Director - School of Learning & Teaching - Kingston School of Art
Mandy Ure
Dean - Kingston School of Art
Mandy Ure
Damian P Chapman
Head of Design School - Kingston School of Art
Damian Chapman
Dr Jake Abrams
Associate Professor
Caroline Alexander
Department of Fashion - Kingston University
Caroline Alexander
Poulomi Sen
Zainab Shamsi
Vice President
Aahana Garg
Aarushi Arora
Sia Malhotra
PR Head
Yashika Baid
Deputy PR Head
Yashika Baid


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