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The Magic of Monoprint Making

Students at IIAD trying their skills at monoprint making during one of their orientation workshops and having loads of fun in the process.

Students participating in the monoprint making workshop at IIAD Beautiful leaf motifs at the monoprint making workshop A stunning black monoprint being created Revathi Anand mentoring students during the workshop Student midway through the monoprint process IIAD students engrossed in the workshop Hand-printed motif as one of products at the monoprint making workshop Student creating a turquoise blue monoprint Colours, cutouts and all that you need to create your first monoprint. IIAD students busy making their first monoprint The final monoprints on display Students at IIAD busy creating monoprints in the workshop Inviting students to the monoprint workshop during orientation week. A student creating a yellow themed monoprint Revathi Anand helps students with their monoprints Student engrossed in creating cutouts Beautiful green and blue monoprint taking shape Blue and yellow leaf motif monoprint Varied monoprints forming the plumage of a bird of paradise A student giving final touches to her work A student busy crafting a monoprint


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