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Interior Architecture and Design

Our Favourite Interior Trends Slated to make a Comeback in 2020


Shiitaal Budhrauj




Interior Architecture and Design

Offbeat ideas and concepts in the realm of interiors are a dime a dozen. Many are dismissed while some are ephemeral. Some however translate into strokes of genius and are adopted by many people. They catch the fancy of several interior designers who then customize it to the sensibilities of their clients and voila!

A new trend is born.

This has been the story in the realm of interior designing trends so far. But every decade has a distinct flavour in terms of some trends staying put in the home owner’s minds and hearts alike; with some other continuously evolving and growing, and still some being driven out almost as abruptly as they came onto the interiors’ scene.

Over the last 10 years, we saw a lot of distressed furniture, distressed home décor articles, super-sized wall clocks and a juxtaposition of a collage of textures, prints, colors and cultures in one room.

All that is going to change as we step into the 2020s and let us find out which of our favourite trends are making a comeback which will go on to be the top interior design trends of 2020.

1. Floral Wallpaper

Floral Wallpaper Interior Design Trends of 2020
image source: Ultimate Home Ideas

Some people go ‘Yikes’ at the very sight of floral wallpaper. Guess what! They will most definitely have to get accustomed to it in the year 2020. You are going to see a smorgasbord of colours, textures, bold flowery patterns and metallic versions of the same. Floral patterns on wallpaper are making a huge comeback this year.

2 French Antiques

Fine French Antiques courtesy Anton Venoir Interiors

So you’ve always wanted to display that favourite French antique of yours that has been a hand-me-down from grand mum. We can’t wait to give you the good news – decorative accents and antiques that are primarily French inspired will be a lot more visible so you can walk down memory lane each time you spot one placed around that favourite niche and corner of your home.


3 Its so NON-WHITE in the kitchen from now on and we love it!!!

Blanket White Kitchen Interior Design Trends of 2020
Image Credit: Patrick Yu-wen Wong, 2011 Patrick Y. Wong

The 2010s were dominated with the blanket white kitchen. But in 2020, watch out for a complete reversal of this trend. High end designers are predicting natural wood cabinets, shelves and island kitchens; with shelves being vibrant and airy so that it brings that spunk back into your all-white gloomy kitchen. Color is trending in a big way in kitchen cabinets and tiles. Along with doing away with an all -white kitchen, people will be opting for dramatic colors for their cabinets – be it bright red, dark navy, forest green to what have you mustard. It always happens – an era of beiges or whites brings an oversaturation with pastels and then people want to go all out and explore the sunny side of life and here it is!

4 Sustainable Materials 

Trellis Weaver Wicker Chair
Image Courtesy: Trellis Weaver Wicker Chair

With an increasing awareness towards conserving the environment, sustainability in interiors is becoming more and more critical. People are adopting an eco-friendly way of living and that will be reflected in the choices they will be making. Materials like acacia, rattan and wicker will be much sought after in furniture and fixtures.

There is a trend towards thinking of long-term solutions now more than ever before. It also comes in at a time when people are being aware of ecological repercussions of their purchase. This is slated as becoming the best interior design trend of 2020.

5 Wallpapered ceilings

Since stark contrasts in colors and textures will become the casual norm, another trend that will be an absolute treat for the eyes will be wallpapered ceilings. We have seen wall papered ceilings in powder rooms and over dining tables. But you can now expect them to enter your drawing room, bedrooms and living rooms. The newness of it will absolutely delight your visual interpretation of the space.

Wallpapered Ceilings

In the image seen above, the unique designing element that alters the personality of the space to a 180-degrees shift, is the subdued and evenly patterned wall paper on the ceiling. Keeping the walls monotone with minimalistic decor elements, the wallpapered ceiling creates a visually stunning effect; it is also an element of immediate delicious appeal for the eyes.

6 Canopy Beds

Canopy beds with a difference will be back. They will no longer be a need to drape them heavy fabrics. Alternative materials will be making a comeback like acrylic and metal frames. And that will be a huge contemporary shift we all look forward to seeing in our bedrooms.

Luxirious Canopy Bed

7 Curved Sofas

A hugely popular trend of the ‘60s and the ‘70s that ‘oh-so-completely-died-down’ was the curved sofa. It will be back with a bang! Don’t be surprised if one fine day you spot in on your visit to the plush interiors of your friend’s house in the tony side of the city.

Vanguard Bennett Sectional Curved Sofa
Image Courtesy: Vanguard Bennett Sectional Curved Sofa

8 Funky Shaped kind of Rugs

Unexpected materials will be making a comeback in rugs. We will see a lot of funky shaped rugs with the addition of unexpected materials being woven into them. Rugs won’t be just rectangular or plain. Instead people will be in the mood to experiment.

Funky Shaped Kind of Rugs

Rug from Sonya Winner Design Studio: Sonya is an award-winning rug designer from the UK. Nature inspired silk rug, hand knotted in pure Chinese silk. An unusual and elegant luxury rug created to add richness, depth and atmosphere to any space.

9 Top to Bottom – Everything Patterned

Layered pattern will become hugely prevalent for textile and tabletop designs. Everything from wallpapered backdrops to patterned curtains, to patterned upholstery will be seen. The best rule is that there isn’t any. People will be using their imagination and creativity to mix and match patterns flowing from their walls to the bedding to the upholstery to what have you the home linen. So, basically expect a layered design in everything you are going to see.

Layered Pattern Interior Design Trends of 2020

For Mulberry Home, Heirloom represents a design heritage with patterns mirroring a glorious past and made in line with a definite craft tradition. This gives a patterned feel and look flowing from the wallpapers and paintings to the upholstery, to the rugs, all the way to the sides of the table. This is the new contemporariness.

10 Evolution of a Distinct Personal Kind of Eclecticism

Over the last decade, there has been a shift from following “a” particular type of trend to a more relaxed “let my own style echo throughout the house.” You will be seeing a lot more of that in 2020. Home owners will be going all out in discovering their own personal style statement and be decorating their homes in a fun style that celebrates their joie de vivre and introduces dollops of enthusiasm in their everyday living spaces. When such things happen, the trend tends to be towards a vibrant eclecticism as people like to incorporate pieces from their travels, a table that may have caught their fancy while dining at an offbeat restaurant, something taken off the pictures of a magazine, a shelf that maybe caught their eye at a celebrity talk show, some artefact that might’ve been a steal acquired from a flea market etc. There is a shift from “aping” the design sensibility of “a particular designer” towards “let me experiment with my own style and see where it takes me” kind of trend. That will be the predominant mood for 2020.

Interior Design Trends of 2020
Image Courtesy:

There is going to be a plethora of options to choose from in 2020. There will be some of you who will be opting for a patterned-everything look or a two toned, non-white kitchen. While there might be some who lean towards an eco- friendly sustainable kind of lifestyle. With funky shaped rugs and canopy beds made of acrylic making a comeback, it seems like a time where fusion meets contemporary meets funky with just the right mix of ‘all-years-gone-by’ thrown in. Decorating one’s home will be one great party where all members of the family will be seen chipping in with their ideas, all of which it now seems, will be heard and subsequently spotted in their homes. So happy decorating in 2020 -21!