Teachers’ Day Celebration at IIAD


A tradition that started in 1962 to honour Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, is a day that still rings in heartfelt tributes to those who have played the role of a friend, philosopher and guide in our lives; those who have influenced us right from our school to university and will continue to do so even beyond it; those who have always had our back!

The faculty members at IIAD are amongst the most experienced and talented designers and share the same level of curiosity as that of the students. This makes the learning process more comprehensive and wholesome. There is no denying the instrumental role teachers play in our lives and there is no reassurance like the one you receive from your mentor. The mentors’ confidence in their students gives them the courage to take on new challenges, be it academic or otherwise.

On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, an excited bunch of students at IIAD put together an entertaining show to celebrate the love they have for their mentors. They sang, danced, recited heartfelt poems and even displayed their work through a stunningly choreographed fashion show. All this while they juggled their design briefs and submission deadlines! Each performance was enthusiastically cheered by the faculty members and students alike.

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Enquiry 2020