Seminar by Caroline Alexander on Portfolio Building


IIAD recently hosted Ms. Caroline Alexander from Kingston University for a seminar on Portfolio building where she met the IIAD students, reviewed their portfolios and provided valuable feedback and guidance. Ms. Alexander is a Senior Lecturer at Kingston University, London. Kingston University, ranked as the top design schools in the UK, is the collaborative partner of IIAD.

Her visit to IIAD turned out to be a wonderful learning experience for the final year students of all design discpilines at IIAD who got a better understanding of the aspects that are looked at when assessing portfolios. In her presentation to the students and the Faculty, she stressed on the importance of portfolios in the creative industry. She believes in an integrated approach when it comes to teaching the practice of fashion design, history and theory within the studio environment. “Portfolios are the passport to a job and, as a result, it is vital to keep them up to date. Start with a very strong project, make sure it is the most relevant work and also include any work outside the curriculum / syllabus”, she said.

She went through an array of student works and found them “clean, modern and minimal” aesthetically. She encouraged them to explore, experiment and document their process along the way. We look forward to having Ms. Alexander at IIAD again and strengthening our ties with our collaborative partner – Kingston University!

Enquiry 2021