REMIX 2019


REMIX, the Annual Fest – A Prelude

The agenda of IIAD’s annual cultural fest – REMIX is to bring the industrial area of Okhla to life with its vibrance, cheerfulness and extravaganza. This goal is satisfied by the various inter college thematic events organized at REMIX, which aims to engage people with a creative streak and build a community where people use Art and Design as a medium to express themselves.

REMIX 2019 – the 2nd Cultural Fest

The Institute’s second cultural fest was held on March 1st and 2nd, 2019 at the campus premises. The two day fest witnessed enthusiastic participation from colleges across Delhi / NCR with the audience enjoying LIVE performances of the participating teams. The event was successfully organized due to the monumental efforts of the Student Core Council of IIAD with relentless support from Volunteers, the Administration and Faculty.

Thematic Events at REMIX 2019
In REMIX 2019, there were several inter-collegiate events held across music (solo, group & bands), dance, photography, branding, nukkad-natak and fashion. The campus was bustling with creative professionals across different genres interacting and competing on an equal footing. The fest had something for everybody.  The thematic events organized in REMIX this year were :

RE- VOLVE – the Dance Event
Participants jammed it out at this event to re-fashion dance while upholding the daunting task of outperforming the others.

RE-FORM – 3D Installation Event
Designers were challenged to invent, experiment and rethink the space and material, and create an installation in this 3D installation event.

RE-VERSE – the Fashion Event
Designers, models and choreographers came together for this Fashion event and presented an exciting Fashion Show.

RE-DIRECT – the Photography Event
In this exciting event, participants expressed and communicated an entire story only through the medium of photography.

RE-PLAY – the Music Event
Bands and solo artists took the stage and hit the perfect notes leaving the audience wanting for more.

RE-ACT – the Theatre Event
The budding actors, directors and set designers showcased their talent through a narrative encompassing all the essential elements of a theatrical performance.

REMIX 2019 witnessed the enthusiasm of budding artists of IIAD and other colleges. The Core Council members of IIAD were applauded for their commendable work as they made sure they left no stone unturned to make the event a success. REMIX, as an idea, reiterates the ethos of IIAD and its student body – dynamism, design thinking, aesthetics, and competitive spirit.

Click here to watch the video of REMIX 2019 live in action!

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