Portfolio Day with Team IndieFolio


Portfolios are an indispensible weapon in a designer’s arsenal and it pays to know what to avoid while designing an impressive portfolio. Team IndieFolio visited IIAD on 16th March to conduct an interactive and intriguing session with students across all levels of Communication Design, Fashion Design and Interior Architecture Design. The day long session began with Founder and CEO, Kavan Antani sharing his insights on what constitutes a good portfolio and some pointers that students can bear in mind while designing theirs.

This was followed by an interesting design challenge wherein students were assigned a specific company and industry for which they had to design a pitch. A pitch that would essentially help them stand out from the crowd and present themselves as the most eligible candidate to be hired for the job. It was exciting to see students present innovative ideas that could possibly impress the ‘hypothetical’ employers. IndieFolio had also invited industry professionals to coe mentor the students while they brainstormed on the pitch.

About Indiefolio

IndieFolio is India’s largest online network for creative professionals. It serves as a platform for Indian creatives to showcase, promote and monetize their work and strives to diminish the barriers between talent and opportunity. This venture was created with an aim to provide an end-to-end solution for the country’s creative needs. IndieFolio serves to help companies gain access to the Indian creative mass and recruit on a nationwide scale while allowing artists and designers to host their portfolios on the platform.


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