Origami workshop with Origami Oritai


The Japanese paper folding art, Origami, has long intrigued and captured the imagination of many artists across the globe. This art form became popular in the 20th century, the credit for which goes to Akira Yoshizawa. Over the years, Origami has become a common language that connects artists across genres and international borders. The folding and sculpting techniques involved in Origami have more than one benefit for an artist and designer. Apart from unleashing creativity, it has also been known to improve one’s hand-eye coordination, temporal spatial skills, concentration, logical reasoning and sequencing ability.

The students of IIAD from fashion design, communication design and interior architecture and design programmes participated in the Origami workshop conducted by Origami Oritai. During this day-long workshop, they made a variety of 3D objects from flat square sheets of coloured and textured paper. Their creations ranged from butterflies, bows, bags, hearts, boxes, fujimoto cubes, candle stands to strawberries amongst others. The major learning outcome of this workshop was to help students explore the endless possibilities of incorporating the origami folding techniques in solving myriad design problems they may face as artists and designers.

About Origami Oritai

Origami Oritai is a registered society and an Origami club in India that is on a mission to promote the Japanese therapeutic paper craft across the country and world. It has Origami aficionados ranging from 3 to 80 years of age, from various strata of society, and different countries of the world like Japan, France, Tajikistan and Korea. Origami Oritai conducts workshops on Wednesday and Saturday mornings at the Japanese Foundation for Origami enthusiasts where they bond over creating an array of paper sculptures and designs.

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