Masterclass with Maday Delgado


A sustainable textile artist based in the Midwest, US, Maday Delgado took a masterclass with IIAD’s Fashion Design students on the ‘Memory of Stitches’.

She not only discussed the importance of repurposing old fabrics to create new compositions of varying sizes and hues but also spoke about the power of the stitch – how each stitch narrates a unique story. “Each stitch is imbued with memory and tradition” she said as she discussed the healing power of sewing. She talked of stitches in terms of growth with the quilt as the ‘earth’. This constant cycle of growth and evolution lies at the heart of her understanding of art, craft and design.

In talking about her art and the philosophies she believes in, Ms. Delgado stressed on the need to practice sustainability and minimalism in today’s world more than ever before. Taking her inspiration from nature and lived experiences, she primarily works with Japanese Boro and Sashiko and Indian crafts like Kantha and block printing.

Her ideology that nothing is imperfect proved to be a great source of inspiration for the students. This interactive session not only provided the students with a platform to discuss sustainability in design but also enabled an exchange of cultures and stories. Ms Delgado also took out time to give her feedback on the quilts the students had been working on.

Enquiry 2021