Interior Design Event in collaboration with Flop2hit


Flop2Hit, India’s leading vernacular media platform for MSMEs and startups, in association with IIAD, organized an event aimed at providing community driven actionable knowledge to aspiring interior designers. The interactive session offered the opportunity to gain in-depth information from renowned industry experts who provided the attendees with essential advice, tools and resources required to launch, grow and manage a thriving business.  The list of Speakers included Mr. Girdharee Saran, Marketing Head at MyAdvo, Mr. Rana Roy, Sales specialist for Jaguar Group and Ms. Payal Kapoor, a leading Interior Designer.

The event commenced with a presentation on the importance of optimal use of spaces through multi-functional items and the need to keep up with the changing times and technological advancements. The speakers stressed on the necessity to move away from interiors that are merely aesthetically attractive and pleasing to items that serve multifarious purposes that provide the most effective utilization of space.

Mr. Roy, who lives by the motto that “we all are salesmen”, encouraged the audience to create “unique, exclusive and theme-based products” in order to stand out from the crowd and ensure success. Mr. Saran further emphasised this idea when he claimed that interior designers looking to start or expand their business should “target a specific audience for it is very hard to cater to everyone”.  With such insightful remarks, the event offered the space to learn about the technical facets of setting up a business, branding and marketing techniques and the means of acquiring new clients.

The event proved to be an enriching and rewarding experience as it provided the opportunity to better understand the latest technology and trends in interior designing and fathom the psychology of design. Ms. Kapoor concluded the event with an inspiring note – “Nothing comes easy, you just have to be passionate”.

Speakers’ Profile:

Girdharee Saran founded Axis Web Art private limited which provides expertise in E-commerce, digital marketing and IT infrastructure services. He has experience working in diverse cross-functional teams, multiple stakeholders and managing limited resources.

Rana Roy is a Business and Development Specialist and has authored a variety of articles on sales, advertising and communication.

Payal Kapoor, an interior designer of international repute has featured in the latest volume of Barons’ Greatest Interior Designers of the world. In 1991 she launched her own design firm ‘Visions’.

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