Interdisciplinary Rehearsals with Maya Rao


As part of an inter-departmental workshop at IIAD, the  students had the opportunity to  interact and rehearse under the guidance of the renowned Theatre Artist Ms. Maya Krishna Rao. The Inter-Departmental workshop was in preparation for the 6 theatrical plays performed by the students, which marked the culmination of their 2 week-long interdisciplinary brief.

Ms. Rao shed light on nuances of theatrical performance, observed the rehearsals and offered feedback and advice to help students improve. She stressed on the importance of voice modulation, body language, gestures and expressions along with all the other non-verbal communicative methods that often get overshadowed by dialogue and speech. She encouraged the students to look outside as well as look within, as the essence of theatre lies in being able to knit these different aspects of oneself together through various permutations and combinations.

“Theatre is all about experience and as a result, it is vital to be in touch with your sensibilities. In theatre we are very particular about the way we look at life, what we pull out of it and how we present it. It, therefore, becomes essential to internalize the character that is being played in all its complexity and nuance” said Ms. Rao.

She discussed minute details that should be kept in mind while performing in order to project something that is believable and true to life. The students understood the need to stay focused, remain calm and keep their body steady for that is the best way to triumph over any sense of fear and uneasiness that may arise from having to perform in front of a large audience. Ms Rao concluded her workshop with the students on an inspiring note, urging them to “Play your intention with belief, don’t act”.

Enquiry 2021