IIAD takes its classes online!


The COVID -19 pandemic has gripped the entire world, creating a health and economic crisis that threatens to alter not just businesses but our society and the way we live and interact with one another. During these tough times, maintaining a sense of normalcy can prove to be rather difficult. At IIAD, the Staff and Management have worked hard to make it possible.

The faculty have ensured that briefs, discussions, brainstorming, mentoring, reviews and submissions were all shifted online. These online classes, meetings and webinars have meant that students can have discussions with their mentors, have their questions answered and can continue to share the work they are doing while maintaining a sense of community. The students have learnt to adequately meet the challenge of submitting work online for review. They were provided with all the necessary information required in order to smoothly carry out the process of digital submissions so as to minimise any disruption that the current situation is causing.

Through their determination, the faculty and students of the different departments – communication design, fashion design, interior architecture and design and fashion business management – have proven that although they are socially apart, they are stronger together than ever before.They have put in great effort to stay committed to the cause of social distancing in order to help the nation flatten the COVID curve. At the same time, however, they have also shown that they can bridge the gap and cross the hurdles that the current situation has placed on individuals across the globe as they are trying to move ahead with their day-to-day activities.

Despite the fraught times, the entire IIAD community has come together in an endeavour to ensure that learning does not stop!

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