IIAD Student wins IIT Bombay’s ‘D’Source Corona Design Challenge’

D’Source Corona Design Challenge

Arjun Yadav, a Communication Design student at IIAD was recently selected as one of the winners for the D’Source Corona Design Challenge by IIT-Bombay!

The Design Challenge for 2020 was to create a Visual identity for Covid- 19 which has been characterized as a global pandemic by WHO. As a design student, Arjun felt that “it is essential to have a visual identity and language to relay relevant information to the masses”. His project is an attempt to design an identity for the Coronavirus which can be used in diverse forms as a means to communicate vital information.

The Covid Pandemic has gripped the world and has altered life as we have grown accustomed to. After a great deal of research and experimentation with the form and design, Arjun decided that his identity is one that should be easily identifiable and which can be used in a wide variety of media and surfaces to create a rich visual language that is immediately recalled by people after repeated viewing. The primary aim behind the project was to design an identity that comes into practical use and helps communicate information efficiently throughout the world. 

This opportunity gave Arjun the platform to create actual change through design. IIAD proudly congratulates his outstanding achievement and wishes him many more landmarks in his design pursuits! 

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