Fabric Science Workshop


Fabric Science is a vast subject and entails several significant independent areas of focus. With an array of fabrics available in the market today, one needs to have an in-depth understanding of their distinctive properties, uses, appearance and care procedures.

Through this workshop, an attempt was made to initiate the students into exploring the various attributes of textiles/fabrics. They were made to understand the basic classification, production techniques and characteristics, especially from the designers’ perspectives. A lot of emphasis was placed on visual, tactile, drapability and compatibility aspects vis-a-vis garment design and performance thereafter.

The major motive of the fabric science workshop was to introduce the students of the fashion design course to the exciting world of textiles/fabrics. This was also an attempt to help them relate attributes of a fabric to its construction and suitability for various styles of garments.

About Dr.Kusum Chopra

Dr. Kusum Chopra is a multi-faceted professional with over 40 years of experience in the field of fashion design. Dr. Chopra is the Ex Chairperson for Fashion Design at NIFT, Delhi and a subject matter expert in Textiles, having completed her PhD from IIT Delhi in the discipline. She also holds an M.Sc in clothing and textile from MS University. Apart from sharing her expertise with students from design schools in India, she also travels extensively to countries like Tokyo, Oslo, Hong Kong, Paris and London. She is also a writer, journalist, environmentalist, numerologist and a doting mother.

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