Experimental Typography Exhibition at IIAD


Typography is by far one of the most integral elements in a visual composition and possessing fine typography skills can prove rather beneficial for an aspiring design student. Students of the Communication Design programme (Class of 2020) at IIAD jumped right into learning the finer nuances of the art and worked on a project that lasted about 4 weeks. The project titled ‘Experimental Typography’ concluded with a stunning display of the work done by the class.

The project was designed to encourage students to step out of their comfort zone and explore type beyond the digital realm. It involved orchestration of typography, colour scheme, imagery, form and technology to create an immersive experience for the viewer.

Classical typography awareness is vital for students of Communication Design, but it is very crucial that they keep up with the various innovations in the field of design. Technological developments affect media and design philosophy at every step. Students thus need to take cognizance of this fact and learn how to modify their methods without losing sight of the older traditions and philosophies.

2D Environmental/Spatial Typography were some new concepts that students were introduced to which in turn would help them assimilate typographic elements as images/shapes with higher meanings. The project is intended to familiarise them with typography and encourage them to use it more effectively in the projects that they do from now on. In addition, they were also allocated tasks like Anamorphic Typography, Experimental Typography and Exhibition Display, that would aid them in creating impactful experiences.

During the project, students had the opportunity to work in a built environment and express their designs in a manner that is not regular. While embracing the range of disciplines that are graphic design, architectural, interior, landscape, digital and industrial design, students got to operate in an environment that is not bound by a screen or piece of paper.

Enquiry 2020