Energy Harvesting Facades – Rohin Sher


The course leader of Interior Architecture and Design at the Indian Institute of Art and Design, Rohin Sher has nearly 15 years of experience in the fields of architecture, environmental design and interior design. In his article that featured in the Window and Facade Magazine, he writes about energy harvesting facades and outlines the different possibilities of making a building project more environmentally sensitive. 

The central idea behind his article is to discuss the ways in which energy harvesting has been made possible through technological advancements. Some of the aspects he covers are dynamic solar panels, algae-based bioenergy facades, energy producing bricks and venetian blinds among several others. Mr. Sher goes on to provide an insightful analysis of how the local climate is one of the first factors that should be taken into consideration when adapting or reworking traditional building facades in order to contribute to a more environmentally sensitive society as we move forward.

Read his full article to know more about the ways in which buldings can be made into energy harvesting facades here –

Ways in which buldings can be made into energy harvesting facades

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