Chik Making and Cane Weaving Workshop


Bamboo weaving is a highly skilled ancient craft that involves warping and wefting of bamboo strips at various angles to create a beautiful pattern. Bamboo chiks have adorned front porches, living rooms and even bedrooms of many of our homes. On the other hand, cane weaving is all about using strips of cane to weave a complicated lattice pattern commonly seen on chair frames. To enable students from fashion design, communication design and interior architecture and design visualise form generation, a workshop on chik making and cane weaving was facilitated.

During the workshop, students were introduced to intricate warps and wefts involved in the art of chik making and cane weaving. Bamboo and cane are excellent materials to work with as they are both flexible yet possess inherent tensile strength. The major objective of the workshop was to enhance the students’ understanding of how weaving transforms strength, flexibility, functionality and aesthetics of a material. Moreover through this workshop students across the three disciplines would be able to apply the weaving technique to their respective course areas like product packaging, garment construction and designing free standing structures.

Enquiry 2020