An ode to Sustainability


We live in a world surrounded by plastic. The Delhi-based Mall, Select Citywalk, on the occasion of Valentine’s day this year decided to bring to light the urgent need for all individuals to think about the plastic we consume and the effects it has on the world we inhabit. As part of this environment-friendly initiative, the mall had several sustainable artworks on display. The students of IIAD joined hands with the members of the Citywalk Team to put up installations to pay tribute to the earth.

These lifesize installations included a plastic man of five feet titled Plastic D’Evil of Convenience by Kanngan Jain. This sculpture in the form of a man represents mankind who is trapped in this world full of plastic which renders life devoid of all its colours and beauty. Despite our attempts to break free, we find that we are not able to escape. This artwork is a call for action to bring a change in the amount of plastic we consume and the subsequent impact it has on us and the environment we inhabit.

Another installation titled Hidden Beauty of India peels through the layers of our city – through all the honking, noise, traffic and landfills. Designed by IIAD student Dhairya Sheel Rawat, this was a pledge to restore the city to its former beauty. 

Aryamann Rajkhowa’s Plastic Minar was an installation of the qutub minar, made out of plastic bottles and other waste material to help create awareness about the current situation and its consequences if it goes unchecked.

Among these installations was also a six-foot-tall interactive pin art game, using metallic drawing pins by Pratishtha Purwar. It was an endeavour to get people to press their hand against the pinboard and take a pledge – to make this country a better and safer one!

The students of IIAD had the chance to work with the Select City Walk team to take this issue that is plaguing our environment further. They spent weeks conceptualising and designing their artworks under the guidance of the faculty at IIAD and following extensive discussions with the team at the mall, finally had their works on display – as an ode to sustainability.

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