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The Denim Project

As part of the project based learning methodology followed at IIAD, the Fashion Design students got the opportunity of being mentored by Himanshu Shani, co-founder of Korra Jeans and 11.11/eleven eleven, in the recently concluded ‘Denim Project’. The project spread over 6 weeks was co-mentored by IIAD’s in-house faculty, Rakesh Sonavane, by the conclusion of which the students had designed 21 denim garments in total.   The students had organised a display of their work that reflected their journey and understanding of denim as a versatile fabric. The exhibition was open to public on 3rd May 2018, where students had the privilege of showcasing their work to renowned Fashion Designer, Rajesh Pratap. The co-founder of Korra Jeans, Shyam Sukhramani, and Founder of Akaaro, Gaurav Jai Gupta, also came down to the Campus to interact with the students and share their feedback on the work on display.   Students began their understanding of the fabric by reverse engineering the denim garments they possessed, which were later transformed into stunning murals displayed at the exhibition. They then conducted their primary research in Gujarat where they visited the headquarters of Arvind Limited in Naroda (Ahmedabad) in addition to exploring units in Gondal. During the research they understood the construction, manipulation and washing techniques used on the fabric. In order to understand the global denim market, they did a thorough brand research of Off-white, Re/Done, Nudie, JohnBull, Vetements, Denham and Kapital.   The project helped students widen their perspective on denim as a textile, garment and a piece of art as well! Click here to watch a video that captures the essence of the project.

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