Summer Programmes

Summer Programmes


Communication Design

  • This course provides an introduction to Communication Design for all ages, and in particular to students who are thinking of making an application for admission to Design Schools. It is an exciting course that touches upon different elements that are fundamental to Communication Design.

    Communication Design is the umbrella name given to many pathways of communication: illustration, graphics, advertising, branding, film, animation, web design, interaction design, etc. Almost all of them use storytelling, typography and photography as building blocks.

    In this course, the student can expect to understand the design process that results in apps, advertisements or in social media. One would become aware of the user and the underlying concepts that the media tries to convey. Through classroom discussions, each participant will also be encouraged to reflect on their learnings as amateur designers. At the end of the course, each participant would be equipped with basic information and hands-on experience in storytelling, typography and photography, supported by relevant software inputs, and will be able to take away a storyboard, a logo and a visiting card for oneself and a stop motion animation.
  • Duration: June 18 - 23, 2018
  • Daily Schedule: 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Batch Size: 25
  • Eligibility: Students in Class XI and XII who are willing to explore design as a career option.

Module 1


Using the memory of an event or an individual experience, the participants will be taken through the process of writing a story. Visualising and illustrating the story, they will each represent this sequence as a storyboard.

The storyboard might lend itself to becoming a novel, a film, an animation or perhaps even an interactive device. The inputs in this module will include basics of creative writing, drawing, illustration and visualisation.

Module 2

Identity Design

With basics of colour theory, typography and logo design, the participants will learn to design their own personal identity. With relevant printing and software inputs, they could proudly carry a self-designed visiting card and personal stationary. Branding and graphic design inputs as well as understanding the user's mind-set becomes a necessary part of the creative process in this module.

Module 3

Stop Motion Animation

After storyboarding, using basic photography with one's phone camera, or a proper camera, and capturing a sequence of frames, the student can create an original stop motion animation. Adding music and effects as required, the output can be both innovative and most satisfying.

Thus, the students would have understood the complex process of film and animation and how hard it is to create moving graphics. This will also urge each one to look into moving graphics as an amalgamation of many parts, which though small, can make or break a story.

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