Reinvent Design – IIAD hosts event in association with IndieFolio & HP

IIAD recently hosted Team Indiefolio, India’s largest online network for creative professionals along with tech giants, HP for a day-long session titled ‘Reinvent Design.’

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Origami Workshop with Ankon Mitra

Origami, the Japanese paper folding art has intrigued and ensnared the creative spark of many artists since time immemorial. Initially introduced in China in 105 A.D., this art form was introduced in Japan in the late 6th Century by Buddhist monks.

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Teachers’ Day Celebration at IIAD

A tradition that started in 1962 to honour Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, is a day that still rings in heartfelt tributes to those who have played the role of a friend, philosopher and guide in our lives.

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Foundation Diploma in Design awarded to Batch 2017-18

IIAD as an institute believes in celebrating the students’ achievements at every step of their design journey.

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Experimental Typography Exhibition at IIAD

Typography is by far one of the most integral elements in a visual composition and possessing fine typography skills can prove rather beneficial for an aspiring design student.

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ADI session on Craft & Design

IIAD was honoured to host ADI's (Association of Designers of India) maiden event in Delhi, on Craft and Design.

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Orientation Day 2018

IIAD held its 4th Orientation Day at IIT, New Delhi recently, welcoming the new batch of students. The event witnessed an excited gathering of gathering of parents, students, industry professionals, faculty members and staff of IIAD.

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IIAD hosts Association of Designers of India’s Delhi Chapter!

Taking ahead the culture of sparking conversations in the design industry, IIAD had the privilege of hosting the kickstarter for ADI's (Association of Designers of India) Delhi Chapter, at its Campus in Okhla, New Delhi.

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Portfolio Day with Team IndieFolio

Portfolios are an indispensible weapon in a designer’s arsenal and it pays to know what to avoid while designing an impressive portfolio.

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Prof. Anne Boddington Visits IIAD

Prof. Anne Boddington, Pro Vice Chancellor Cultural & Civic Engagement and Dean of Kingston School of Art at Kingston University, London visited IIAD on Feb 01, 2018.

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Student participates in Mela Phulkari 2018

Mela Phulkari is an annual exhibition centered around the vibrancy and rich cultural heritage of Punjab. The event is organised by Kirandeep Kaur and Harinder Singh, owner of the retail chain 1469, along with the expertise of art historian Dr. Alka Pande. The third edition of Mela Phulkari was organised from Feb 10-19, 2018 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

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Session with Ms. Jahnavi Lakhota Nandan

In India, design as a concept is not restricted to the aesthetic appeal of an object rather, in order to understand objects from the perspective of design one has to re-imagine design itself.

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Session on Gender and Advertisement with Prof. Vijayan

Prof. P K Vijayan from the Department of English, Hindu College, Delhi University recently joined the students and faculty members at IIAD to discuss how gender influences the advertisement industry.

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A Talk By Aanchal Malhotra On Book, Remnants Of A Separation – IIAD

IIAD recently hosted Aanchal Malhotra for an interesting and engaging session on her book that is essentially a memoir of stories masked beneath the India-Pakistan partition. The session was attended by students across Communication, Interior Architecture and Fashion Design.

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Calligraphy Workshop with Shipra Dutta

An engaging and interactive workshop on Calligraphy was organised for the Level 4 students from Fashion Design, Communication Design and Interior Architecture & Design. The workshop was facilitated by Shipra Dutta, a renowned Indian Calligraphy artist.

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Foundation Diploma in Design Awarded to IIAD Students

The Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD) celebrated the first milestone of its design students by awarding them their Foundation Diploma in Design as they successfully completed their first year of design education.

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Orientation Day 2017

The Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD) recently held the Orientation Day for its incoming batch of design students at India International Centre, New Delhi on 24th July 2017. The event witnessed a significant gathering of enthusiastic students accompanied by their anxious parents.

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Webinar on Creating the Perfect Portfolio for Design Entrance Exams

IIAD had recently conducted an hour long interactive webinar on how to create the perfect portfolio for design entrance exams. The webinar was hosted by Ms. Prachi Mittal and she was accompanied by her colleagues, Mr. Manish Mangla and Ms. Bhavvna Jolly.

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Workshop on Conservation and Adaptive Reuse by Aishwarya Tipnis

The Level 4 students of Interior Architecture and Design at IIAD were part of a day long workshop facilitated by Aishwarya Tipnis on the subject of conservation and adaptive reuse.

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Film Appreciation Workshop by Vartikka Kaul

IIAD students from fashion design, communication design and interior architecture and design were part of an informative workshop on Film Appreciation that was facilitated by Vartikka Kaul.

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Students from St. Catherine University visit IIAD

IIAD had the pleasure of hosting a group of students from St. Catherine University, Minnesota, United States at its New Delhi campus while the group had come on an exposure trip to India.

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Pankaj Narain featured in Pool Magazine

Mr. Pankaj Narain, an esteemed faculty member at IIAD, was recently featured in Pool Magazine for his outstanding work in the field of furniture design.

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Pattachitra Workshop

IIAD students from the foundation year programme got an opportunity to experience and indulge in the ancient Odiya art form called Pattachitra. The students got their creative juices flowing under the able guidance of chitrakara Shahjahan.

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Student Work Exhibition on Nearness Farness

IIAD students across the disciplines of fashion design, communication design, and interior architecture and design, organised a student work exhibition, showcasing work done by them on the ‘Nearness Farness’ project. The project involved studying the physicality of individual space, human interaction with those spaces,  and various other aspects of cultural communication.

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Chik Making and Cane Weaving Workshop

A workshop on chik making and cane weaving was facilitated for the second year students of fashion design, communication design, and interior architecture & design at IIAD. The workshop was an attempt to introduce the budding artists and designers to weaving, and the many ways in which it can be incorporated into their individual design thought process.

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Material Culture Workshop

Archana Shastri, a renowned artist and subject matter expert, was invited for a workshop with the 2nd year fashion design course students at IIAD. Through the workshop, the students were introduced to material culture and its importance in designing garments.

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Fabric Science Workshop

Textile/fabric as a material is the main sustaining input for a successful designer to create a design. Keeping this in mind, a workshop for the fashion designing programme students was facilitated with Prof. Kusum Chopra.

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Origami workshop with Origami Oritai

Origami Oritai was invited by IIAD to conduct a day-long Origami workshop for the 2nd year design students. In this workshop, the students learnt how the rules of geometry that are used in Origami can be applied to any field of study like fashion design, communication design and interior architecture and design.

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Orthographic Drawing with Hitesh Katiyar

A very informative workshop on Orthographic Drawing was conducted for the students of Interior Architecture and Design programme at IIAD. Through various sketches and drawings, the students learnt the art of projecting a 3D object on a plane. As an interior architect and designer, such representations are essential for visualising and communicating the idea to the professional audience.

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Workshop on folds in human body with Shagun Bhutani

IIAD invited Shagun Bhutani for a workshop that was conducted for all students of fashion design, communication design and interior architecture and design programmes. The workshop was highly interactive and highlighted how various folds and contortions of the body can create a narrative, express emotion and connect with the audience.

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Workshop on Calligraphy with Shipra Dutta

Students at IIAD had a chance to attend an interesting workshop by Shipra Dutta, an accomplished Indian calligrapher. This workshop was conducted for students of all courses - fashion design, communication design, interior architecture & design, and gave them an insight into how movements can create aesthetic shapes and patterns.

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A Design Stalwart Passes Away

The IIAD family deeply mourns the loss of one its most important members – Prof. Edward Newton. An esteemed member of IIAD’s advisory board, Prof. Newton was a stalwart whose contribution to the global fashion and textile industry will forever be treasured by the Design fraternity.

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Notions of Self with Prof. Tapan Chakraborty

The key to becoming a sensitive-thinking designer and artist is to develop an understanding of the self. IIAD places immense value in inculcating this awareness in all its aspiring designers. As part of this initiative, Prof. Tapan Chakraborty visited the IIAD campus to talk to the students about the various notions about the self that we have, how we develop them, and how these keep changing during the course of our lives.

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Photography with Ravi Dhingra

Photography as a skill adds a unique dimension to the work of design practitioners as it helps them understand and express perspective and create a specific visual experience for the user. A very well known professional photographer, Ravi Dhingra, was invited for a day-long photography workshop at IIAD to introduce students from communication design, interior architecture and design and fashion design to this field.

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Storytelling by Yuveka Singh from Darwesh

Understanding narratives and narration is necessary for all designers as the work they do in itself is a visual (and/or auditory) form of storytelling that communicates messages to the viewer/audience. To help students understand the art and importance of storytelling, a workshop on the subject was conducted by Yuveka Singh.

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Lateral Thinking with Shalu Buchhar

Lateral thinking is key to design thinking and helps one understand that at any given moment in time, there is always more than one point of view. To further this idea, a workshop on lateral thinking was conducted by Shalu Buchhar at the IIAD Campus. It was an opportunity for the students to open their minds and discover new ways of problem solving, an essential skill for any design thinker and practitioner.

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Orientation Day

Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD) held its Orientation Day for its second batch of design students on 13th August 2016 at NCUI Auditorium (Opposite Siri Fort Auditorium). This was their first step as they embarked on a thrilling journey towards becoming accomplished artists and designers.

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