Student Work Exhibition on Nearness Farness

IIAD students across the disciplines of fashion design, communication design, and interior architecture and design, organised a student work exhibition, showcasing work done by them on the ‘Nearness Farness’ project. The project involved studying the physicality of individual space, human interaction with those spaces,  and various other aspects of cultural communication.

Chik Making and Cane Weaving Workshop

A workshop on chik making and cane weaving was facilitated for the second year students of fashion design, communication design, and interior architecture & design at IIAD. The workshop was an attempt to introduce the budding artists and designers to weaving, and the many ways in which it can be incorporated into their individual design thought process.

Fabric Science Workshop

Textile/fabric as a material is the main sustaining input for a successful designer to create a design. Keeping this in mind, a workshop for the fashion designing programme students was facilitated with Prof. Kusum Chopra.

Origami workshop with Origami Oritai

Origami Oritai was invited by IIAD to conduct a day-long Origami workshop for the 2nd year design students. In this workshop, the students learnt how the rules of geometry that are used in Origami can be applied to any field of study like fashion design, communication design and interior architecture and design.