Aarti Uberoi

Course Leader

Aarti Uberoi is a multi-disciplinary design practitioner with over two decades experience in the area of product and graphic design as a consultant, academician and entrepreneur. Aarti is a postgraduate in Visual Communication Design as a Graphic Design major from Massey University, New Zealand and an Accessory Design graduate from NIFT, Delhi. She holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE) from Nottingham Trent University. In her endeavor to keep herself abreast of the ever evolving business practices she is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to upgrade her skills and is currently pursuing a course in blended learning and UI/UX.

As a design professional she has been associated as a consultant with Development Alternatives (DA) Group which is ranked among the top 100 think-tanks in the world. At DA she has worked on multiple CSR project campaigns and developed products for their non-profit flagship entity TARA. Aarti has been involved in a number of creatively challenging roles at TARA such as designing stationery products (from concept to manufacturing), visual merchandising and conducting craft training as well as capacity building workshops. She has also worked as a consultant on multiple projects with Ogaan, TBZ silverware brand Trendsmith, New Zealand National Museum TePapa, Co-design NZ and United Nations Development Programme amongst many others.

Aarti is extremely passionate about working with different materials (especially paper), book binding and packaging because it is a culmination of her learning from both her areas of specialization. Besides this she also enjoys working for children and thus started an entrepreneurial venture ‘Twoforjoy’ that develops hand crafted products for those young at heart. The brand now retails online and in over 15 outlets around the country. Prior to this she has worked as a consultant both in New Zealand and India in the area of design strategy, customized product design, advertising and communication design.

Aarti’s career trajectory is a reflection of her ability to succeed in a dynamic environment. She feels that “Design” must be meaningful. She sees design as a powerful tool, and a way of life and derives joy in using it for the benefit of those that surround us. At IIAD, she would be teaching and mentoring the Communication Design students and will engage with them in their exciting journey as prospective design professionals.

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