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Course Modules

The foundation diploma in design covers the aforementioned aspects of fundamental design education through a series of modules mentioned below:

Visual Skills

This module of foundation degree equips students with the basic hand drawing, sketching and digital skills and techniques required for the fundamental visual communication of ideas and concepts in design. Students are initially taught basic representation, visually interpreting objects through line and tone in different media. Students are encouraged to explore and experiment with various media and techniques.

Some of the aspects taught within these modules include:

  • Introduction to a variety of hand and digital drawing techniques
  • Introduction to a variety of media and processes
  • Introduction to compositional study (object positions, orientation, size and relationships)
  • Introduction to colour theory
  • Introduction to presentation skills
  • Introduction to sketchbook practice

Material Transformation

This module of foundation programme introduces students to a variety of materials and approaches to their use, manipulation and application. Students will be encouraged to explore additive, subtractive and transformative ways of handling and processing materials in relation to the development of form and design practice. The process of experimentation and exploration is an integral part of the content of this module and underpins the learning activities throughout.

Some of the aspects taught within these modules include:

Design Studio

This module of foundation course introduces students to the basic design tools and concepts required for constructing, analysing and addressing design problem briefs. Research and insight gathering methods are introduced as an integral part of the design process.

Some of the aspects taught within these modules include:

  • Introduction to design processes
  • Introduction to a variety of design methods and strategies
  • Introduction to context as it relates to design practice
  • Introduction to practical research and insight gathering techniques
  • Introduction to group working skills

Design Environment

This module of foundation diploma introduces students to a broad range of theory and practice related to contextual design references. It offers a broadly thematic and interdisciplinary approach, supporting students in their progression towards higher education and furnishing them with appropriate knowledge of design and its changing environmental context. The overall aim is to develop students’ confidence in using resources, engaging with academic material and employing a range of methods for its analysis and interpretation. It provides a foreground for important key skills such as visual documentation and the role of writing design commentary. Furthermore, it encourages an on-going process of critical self-reflection.

Some of the aspects taught within these modules include:

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