Prof. Usha Patel

Prachi Mittal is a graduate in Accessory Design from NIFT and has varied experience in Lifestyle products, Crafts, Graphics, Retail Management & Business process of design. Working primarily in the domestic market amongst the premium segment; she has been commissioned to institutionalise design as a business strategy in various industry set-ups.

With a Master’s degree in Fine Arts and Graphics, Professor Usha Nehru Patel received a Certificate in Higher Education in the U.K. and a degree in Fashion and Styling from the Netherlands. Her diverse experience in fashion and textiles has led her to teach and conceive art and design curricula at multiple institutes in India.

With a focused expertise and understanding of urban and international markets, Usha has carved out sustainable business opportunities for Indian artisans across various craft clusters and continues to research indigenous craft development and sustainable issues within the country.

Among other laudable achievements, Usha has led a challenging international project titled ‘Sustainability and Equitable Development: Interventions in India’s Rural Craft Industry’. Through this effort, she came into partnership with Northumbria University in the U.K. and Dastkar, an Indian craft NGO. Usha has also headed the prestigious Delhi Metro Uniform Design project, designing all its eighteen categories of uniforms. She was additionally invited by the Ministry of Oceanography, New Delhi, to conceive and visualize an exhibition on this subject at the capital’s India International Centre.

Prof. Usha Nehru Patel has also published two notable works : ‘Extending the Frontiers of Visual Learning’ (Nottingham Trent University, U.K.) and ‘Designing an Educational Experience of Relevance to Real World Situations,’ which was presented at the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI)Conference in 2010.


  • Juxtaposition of Art & Design
  • A directional study towards empowerment – Finding a new horizon
  • Design for need VS need for design
  • Embroidery as an Expression
  • Changing trends in Art education for children
  • Designing an educational experience of relevance to real world situations – IFFTI Conference 2010

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