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Shachi Parmar

Endorsed by a Masters in Digital Innovation and Creativity, and heralded by her 10 multi-disciplinary years in the creative industries, Shachi’s motivation lies in creating new digital strategies that redefine ideas, values, and identity, meeting struggles of change and constant innovation, adaptability, and efficiency.

Shachi’s Journey as a professionally qualified Architect has empowered her with the skill of creativity, innovation, and design thinking leading her to engage with museums, art, and culture, challenging her as a researcher, curator, and designer, working with renowned design firms and as a consultant for projects such as Punjab War Memorial Museum. As an educator she was Awarded the Best Teacher Award in 2014  while teaching in one of the most prominent Laureate International Universities. Additionally, she has headed the Editorial Board Team for the IIID, publication INSITE, and won kudos from the global design industry virtuosos.

An entrepreneur and digital innovation advocate, she has worked as a project lead for products for organizations such as the Times Group, headed the conception of, an online global self-discovery platform, attended juries, and facilitated creativity workshops.

Currently, she works as a digital organizational transformation specialist in Europe with a focus on the intersection of psychology, organization, and system design, using creative thinking as a multi-level catalyst, in creating effective leaders, stronger self-reflective teams, and collaborative cultures.

Shachi was celebrated as India’s youngest female tattoo artist, her tattoo studio was featured in leading magazines, newspapers and television talk shows.

Teaching Interests

  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Business Implementation
  • Strategy and Innovation

Research Interests

  • Mental Health and Technology
  • Organizational Culture and Psychology


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