Damian P Chapman

As the Head of the Design School, Prof. Chapman regularly visits IIAD and is actively involved in managing the day-to-day aspects of the partnership between Kingston School of Art and IIAD. He has been proactive in creating new initiatives to strengthen the partnership with IIAD by facilitating regular faculty interactions and training through the LTEC (Learning and Teaching Enhancement Centre) department at Kingston University. He has also overseen changes and updates in course curriculum and is instrumental in helping IIAD launch three new programmes: Two MA programmes – Fashion Design and Fashion Business Management and one BA (Hons) programme in Fashion Business Management. To further enhance the IIAD-KU collaboration Prof. Chapman has initiated the hosting of the portfolios of IIAD students graduating in 2020 online alongside KSA students. As part of Prof. Chapman’s ongoing initiatives, IIAD students have also been invited to the talks by world wide industry experts hosted by KSA.

Brief Bio

Professor Chapman joined Kingston University in 2018 as Head of the Design School, Kingston School of Art, Kingston University.

With an MA from Central St Martins UAL and he is currently pursuing a doctorate at the RCA in systems design and disruptive innovation.

Damian has worked as a design professional over the span of 20+ years and has built and worked-on numerous campaigns for advertising and design projects. He has worked on creating fashion imagery to still-life works, drinks and brand focused FMCG campaigns running photographic/design projects with a broad range of illustrious international design agencies etc.
His areas of expertise are – Fashion, Graphic Communication design, Illustration Animation and 3D design.


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