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Aryapriya Ganguly

Manobhav Verma is a qualified Chartered Accountant from ICAI, Delhi and a Certified Public Accountant from AICPA, USA. He also holds Diploma in Information Systems Audit from ICAI and Diploma in IFRS from ACCA, UK

Aryapriya Ganguly is a Recognised University of Londor Worldwide Tutor, Associate Professor and Course Leader for Management at the Indian School of Business & Finance, New Delhi. He teaches Human Resource Management and Organisation Behaviour and Leadership at IIAD. Aryapriya Ganguly obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature (Hons.) at St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi. He then went on to do a Master’s in Sociology at the Delhi School of Economics. He topped the University of Delhi in both his undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Aryapriya is a passionate quizzer and an even more voracious reader.

As Associate Professor in Social and Applied Psychology, Sociology and Human Resource Management at ISBF, New Delhi, Aryapriya has been administering The London School of Economics and Political Science’s curriculum, since August, 2012. As Centre Co-ordinator for UCAS Applications, he has conducted several sessions at schools and colleges across the country, making students more aware of expectations and the requisite skills to match them. Prior to this, Aryapriya worked as a Qualitative and ethnographic research executive at TNS Global, Gurgaon from June 2011 to August 2012. His responsibilities included setting up research projects, monitoring focus group discussions, qualitative data analysis and generating presentations of the insights gleaned. As a market research analyst, he incorporated sociological research models like semiotic analysis in his approach. He engaged hands-on with consumers and clients both in an attempt to study and unravel attitudes to several categories of products. The ethnographic aspect of this job involved filtering both a macro and micro sense of consumers’ attitude to the product in question and relating these insights to brand communication and strategy. Aryapriya conducted fieldwork and research on 1st, 1.5 and 2nd generation immigrants in Milan, Italy in June 2010 as part of the European Studies Programme at Delhi School of Economics. Research involved examining respondents’ attitudes to citizenship-their perceived integration and socialization in Milanese society.

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