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Tanveen Ratti

IIAD played host the second time for an interactive session on ‘Craft and Design’ organised by ADI’s Delhi Chapter. The event was marked by presentations on Craft and Design, its importance in today’s times and the need for bringing it to the fore through structured efforts. Tanveen Ratti, a furniture designer by profession and founder of Organic Connect, enlightened the audience with her experiences in the world of craft. She gave Arshad, a master craftsman from Sajawat Handicraft in Pilkhuwa, the platform to share his perspective on reviving the dying crafts of India such as block printing.

Anurag Rana was next to take stage and address the gathering on the need for establishing a craft repository that would essentially bridge the gap between craft and relevant stakeholders. Anurag is a textile designer and one of the founding members of Mon Ami Foundation, an independent, not-for-profit organization that works with crafts experts, corporates and communities.

Ayush Kasliwal, founder of AKDPL Design Studio, took the baton from Anurag Rana to reiterate the event’s agenda i.e., promotion of Craft and Design. He is a furniture design graduate and enjoys participating in such events that encourage fruitful discussions around Design.

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