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Summer Programmes


Interior Architecture & Design

  • IIAD offers an exciting short course in Interior Architecture and Design. One might wonder, what is it that interior architects do? Simply put they transform bare spaces into experiences that create memories. An Interior Architect's skills rely heavily on being able to transform ideas into physical realities. They are the space designers who are able to shape places and create experiences out of them.

    This course will introduce the participants to the basics of being an Interior Architect and to the idea of making spaces into an exciting interior experience. An Interior Architect is always willing to ask questions and looking for answers that don't limit themselves to textbooks. This course will use the design process and tools like colors, materials and textures to create these experiences.

    The course will enable one to get into the shoes of a designer. It will push the participants towards understanding design decisions, and how an idea can be brought to life. At the same time, it will also attempt to simplify and explain Interior Architecture as a field of study. The week-long workshop will culminate in a display of work created by each participant, accompanied by a discussion helping them to reflect on their learning.
  • Duration: June 18 - 23, 2018
  • Daily Schedule: 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Batch Size: 25
  • Eligibility: Students in Class XI and XII who are willing to explore design as a career option.

Module 1

Transform Ideas

This module will inform the participants about transformations and how do Interior Architects go about it. It will teach them what ideation is and how do ideas manifest into reality. This may be done by analyzing a favorite space in the city, breaking it down and understanding it. Participants will then be taken through an ideation process so that they may start working towards making an idea into a reality. One will also be taken through a review experience where these ideas are presented.

Module 2

Translate into Reality

This module will equip the participants to translate and transform their idea into something larger than itself. The aim is that an idea should be able to transform itself to reality. The participants could take an idea and make it into a physical reality that someone can see, touch, feel or use. One shall work with the simplest of materials, cardboard, to completely transform a space, from the floor to the ceiling, making each element within it, be they spatial forms, furniture or wall treatments and more. In three days one could make a completely inhabitable room that could actually be occupied.

Module 3

Communicate and Reflect

Documenting and sharing of work is an important aspect of every Interior Architect's portfolio. This not only facilitates networking and adding to the larger body of work but also brings valuable feedback and builds the practice. Participants will be assisted in converting their work into a digital document, be it for a portfolio, social media or a personal online archive.

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