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Prasun Mazumdar

Prasun Mazumdar, founder of Prasun Mazumdar Design (PMD), had recently visited IIAD wherein he interacted and viewed the work done by students, especially of the Communication Design programme. “I really liked the way the students could communicate their work. I also liked that they understand that when the canvas is not in frame but many, the depiction of story is easy and different and they took care of that”, expressed Prasun on being asked about the Animation Clips showcased by the Level 4 Communication Design Students.

Post the Animation Film Screening conducted by the students, Prasun was taken around the Campus which he felt was similar to an ecosystem, where growth is automatic. He also felt that being located close to fabrication and production does help students see real experiments being done. Prasun feels as a designer, it is extremely important to ‘not let the habit go’ due to the existence of technology. It is very important for one to be able to feel the tools that help him/her solve any problem. He further iterated that aspiring designers should be focused on the subject specialisation and also see how the could explore it more than the conventional manner.

“I think the Institute is doing amazing with the infrastructure, culture and practices, rest will happen as it grows”, expressed Prasun.

Fun Fact: Over the years, PMD, an Art and Design Studio based out of New Delhi, has worked with clients like Penguin India, Lee Cooper, Mahindra & Mahindra, Scindia School (Gwalior), The Chatter House, Kitsch, Stellar Children’s Museum and Erna’s Gourmet to name a few. We can also talk about Prasun’s art projects including customised art on bikes that he has just done.

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