Gauravi Mittal


She is a Product Design graduate from Indian Institute of Crafts & Design, Jaipur. After her graduation, she worked on innumerable design interventions as a facilitator in rural craft clusters under the Ministry of Textiles. She undertook genuine cluster identifications, conducted surveys, had mobilized grassroots craft artisans to participate in the design & skill development training.

After working on the craft clusters in rural areas she felt that the design intervention is a small part that is contributing to the craft sector in India. Hence, to have a deeper knowledge of craft as a source of livelihood she enrolled herself for Masters in Development Studies at Azim Premji University, Bangalore. Part of her studies was the political economy, welfare economics, sociology, history and politics in India, population studies, livelihood & its sustainability, legal studies and governance, rural and urban systems, traditional communities and the pressures of industrialization, gender & livelihoods and most importantly in understanding development and its need. This has nurtured her to understand crafts not only from a perspective of design but from a broader perspective of one’s livelihood.

Apart from her academic expertise over time, Gauravi has progressed to work from pure design industrial setups to research design. Her clientele list was in the area of lifestyle products that includes Tata Housing and DLF Properties & IKEA (during graduation-internships). With years she has taken shift working towards the grassroots craft practices of India, through design and research. She had been involved in various research projects, independently, with organisations and under state agencies like the Office of Development Commissioner of Handicrafts under Ministry of Textiles and Ministry of Human Resource Development, associated to the craft sector of India, on varied grounds. Her list of tasks includes tenure of working in multi-lingual, social and multiple (rural, urban and peri-urban) regions and of tough terrains.

Gauravi’s contribution to field research has been-
1. ‘Need Assessment Study of Conditions for Contract and Casual Workers in
Garment Manufacturing Factories in Delhi NCR’ (February 2018). This research was
done along with Kaarak (New Delhi) for Anti-Slavery International, London (UK).

2. ‘Creativity Index of India’, (July 2016) an evaluation system was designed for
craftsman under the Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, IIT Kanpur. The
research project is funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, India.

3. Conducted a ‘Beneficiary Impact Analysis of Design & Skill Programs’ (January
2017) implemented by the Office of Development Commissioner of Handicrafts
(DCH), Ministry of Textiles, India. (Unpublished)
At IIAD, she will be engaging with and mentoring the students pursuing their Foundation Year Programme.

Enquiry 2020