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More about Fashion Design

Fashion Design is a dynamic area of work that continually evolves with cultural, social, historical, economic and political change. Fashion Design is also an overt expression of people’s perspectives and passions. Designers affect the individual and collective design ethos of the users and those involved in the process of creation.

In the current scenario, fashion and its elements are an important aspect of the buying decision that compel consumers to splurge on something because it addresses people’s aesthetic and design requirements in clothing, accessories and other lifestyle products. Therefore, fashion design lends itself to various allied creative industries and offers a vast scope to designers who are equipped to manage and address complex design challenges in the creative industries, globally.

The Fashion Design programme at IIAD is an Atelier / studio based course that focuses on creative thinking, grounded in research, and investigative analysis. Students at IIAD are able to synthesize their design abilities while exploring their conceptual ability, aesthetic requirement and pattern-making techniques involved in design process and development.

Additionally, they also learn the design-process tools such as diagramming, drawing, and model making through a series of design explorations including abstract ideation, physical embodiment, and precedent analysis exercises.

Fashion Industry in India is organic and personalised. It is regionally diverse and multi-layered. Ethnic fashion thrives in India! The living craft and aesthetic is embedded in the rich textile heritage. Upon completion of the course, the fashion designers from IIAD will have the privilege of being rooted in the Indian design tradition, while being prepared for the complexities of the global design industry.

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