Dr. Jitin Chadha, Founder and Director, IIAD
Dr. Jitin ChadhaFounder & Director

As a young educational entrepreneur and a PhD in finance, Dr. Chadha is best known for his carefully conceived educational programmes. He is setting another mile stone by collaborating with the Faculty...

Sunil Sethi, President - FDCI, Advisory Board - IIAD
Mr. Sunil SethiAdvisory Board Member

Mr. Sunil Sethi, President of the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) is committed towards taking Indian fashion global by promoting the 'Business of Fashion' and has been operating for the last 11 years.

Edward Newton, Academic Advisor, IIAD
Late Prof. Edward
NewtonAcademic Advisor

Prof. Newton graduated from the Leeds College of Art and Technology, U.K., and is a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Leena Singh, Fashion Designer, Advisory Board, IIAD
Leena SinghAdvisory Board Member

Leena Singh is curator of the couture fashion label Ashima-Leena, a brand known globally as much for its dedication to traditional Indian craftsmanship as for its modern, versatile style and sensibility.

Raseel Gujral, Lifestyle Designer, Advisory Board - IIAD
Raseel Gujral AnsalAdvisory Board Member

Raseel has been an established interior designer since the eighties. Her company Casa Paradox was founded with the objective of carrying out the business of Architecture & interior design...

Nikhil Arora, Business Analyst, Advisor, IIAD
Nikhil AroraAdvisory Board Member

An MBA graduate from Thunderbird, the Global School of International Management in Arizona, Nikhil Arora is presently responsible for charting Intuit's strategy in India. While not at work he enjoys running, traveling and exploring new destinations.

Usha Nehru Patel, Dean, IIAD
Prof. Usha Nehru PatelDean - Academic

Armed with a Master's degree in Fine Arts and Graphics, Professor Usha Nehru Patel received a Certificate in Higher Education in the U.K. and a degree in Fashion and Styling from the Netherlands.

Anubha Kakroo, Dean - Outreach and Corporate Relations, IIAD
Anubha KakrooDean - Outreach and Corporate Relations

An Architect by qualification, Anubha Kakroo is an experienced design thinker with her academic qualifications extending to the realms of Industrial Design and Design Management, equally backed by extensive corporate experience.

Usha Iyer, Communication Design, Faculty, IIAD
Usha IyerFaculty

Usha has a Bachelor In Fine Art (BFA) Degree with specialization in Commercial Art from the Delhi College of Art. Since 2000, Usha has been teaching design. She designs lamps and is a pen and ink artist.

Kishore Chakraborty, Foundation Course, Faculty, IIAD
Kishore ChakrabortyFaculty

Kishore Chakraborty, a sculptor from Kolkata, was a senior fellow in sculpture in the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India and was awarded the Charles Wallace India Trust (by British Council of India) Award to work in a professional sculpture workshop - Berllandery Sculpture Workshop, UK.

Pankaj Narain, Foundation Course, Faculty, IIAD
Pankaj NarainFaculty

Pankaj Narain is a Furniture Design Alumnus from NID, Ahmedabad with 15 yrs of experience in the area of Furniture Design, Design for Crafts and Education. Material Exploration, Indigenous Timbers, Wood Joineries are his key areas of interest. He runs a Design Studio, "The Beehive" in Delhi.

Saumya Pande, Fashion Design, Faculty, IIAD
Saumya PandeFaculty

Saumya Pande is a seasoned design educator, a design consultant and a successful entreperneur. Her designs have retailed under the label ‘Woven Dreams.’ Her latest work, as a textile artist, has been exhibited in India and Italy. She loves to illustrate for children, and has been an erstwhile Odissi dancer.

Prachi Mittal, Fashion Design, Faculty, IIAD
Prachi MittalFaculty

Prachi Mittal is an educator and lifestyle and accessory designer with over 17 years of experience in the industry. She has done prolific work in the premium lifestyle and apparel segment focusing on achieving business scalability, transformation, and sustainability through design...

Czaee Malpani, Fashion Design, Faculty, IIAD
Czaee MalpaniFaculty

Czaee Malpani is an amply qualified architect with extensive global industry experience in the field. In addition to being a practicing architect and an academician, she is also drawn towards extensive research work that revolve around issues like architectural representation and questions of gender in architecture amongst a list of other topics.

Jolly Rohatgi, Design Environment, Faculty, IIAD
Jolly RohatagiFaculty

With a Graduate Degree in History of Arts and Aesthetics from College of Arts, Delhi University and a Masters in Printmaking from University of Manitoba, Canada, Jolly Rohatagi has over two decades of professional experience spanning across...

Rakesh Sonavane, Fashion Design, Faculty, IIAD
Rakesh SonavaneFaculty

Rakesh Sonavane is a Fashion Design graduate and holds extensive experience of over 18 years in high fashion and luxury garment segments.

Josh. P.S., Fashion Design, Faculty, IIAD
Josh. P.S.Faculty

Josh. P.S. is an Indian contemporary artist and has done prolific work in the field of visual arts and has had the honour of displaying his work at major galleries all over the country. His solo shows like “Who owns Peacock Throne”- 2007 at Nature Morte, New Delhi; “Alone in the Crowd”- 2008...

Vaani Dua, Interior Architecture and Design, Faculty, IIAD
Vaani DuaFaculty

Vaani is an alumna of School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi. She has five years of experience working on various residential and institutional projects. She has also been teaching in reputed colleges of architecture and has done extensive research on spiritual architecture...

Pragya Sharma, Faculty, IIAD
Pragya SharmaFaculty

Pragya Sharma holds extensive professional experience as a fashion designer as well as a graphic designer. She has an undergraduate degree in Electronic Engineering and a Postgraduate degree in Fashion Design.

Karan Awasthi, Faculty, IIAD
Karan AwasthiFaculty

Karan Awasthi is a practicing digital artist and an academician who is currently mentoring communication design students at IIAD in addition to managing his personal product brand by the name Tamaacha.

Arpit Jain, Faculty, IIAD
Arpit JainFaculty

Arpit Jain is an architect by profession and holds extensive experience of over a decade in the field of architecture, interiors and landscape design. He personally enjoys engaging and interacting with students in the capacity of an academician and encouraging them to explore all possible realms of creativity.

Anshoo Rajvanshi, Faculty, IIAD
Anshoo RajvanshiFaculty

Anshoo Rajvanshi is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the field of paintings, murals, design, craft and fashion. Visualisation and representation, elements of design, history and philosophy of design, design methodology, and packaging design are few amongst an array of subject matters that Anshoo has expertise in.

Aarti Uberoi, Faculty, IIAD
Aarti UberoiFaculty

Aarti Uberoi is a product and graphic designer with over two decades of experience in the design industry to her credit. Besides this, she enjoys working for children and thus started an entrepreneurial venture 'Twoforjoy' that develops hand crafted products for those young at heart.

Shipra Kukreja, Faculty, IIAD
Shipra KukrejaFaculty

A strategic thinker and an eco-friendly designer, Ms. Shipra Kukreja is best known in the industry for sustainable fashion and ethical design practices in her professional endeavours. When not designing, she likes to read and travel, which adds to her exposure and helps her progress as a fashion design professional.

Choudhary Viplav Roy, Faculty, IIAD
Choudhary Viplav RoyFaculty

Viplav Roy is a graphic designer by profession with his expertise being photography, 3D modeling, texturing, lighting and shading to mention a few. In addition to taking a keen interest in academics, Viplav’s other interests lie in Taekwondo and playing the guitar.

Bhavna Yadav, Faculty, IIAD
Bhavna YadavFaculty

Bhavna Yadav, a keen academician and designer by profession, holds extensive international experience in mentoring students across countries like South Africa and USA, in the field of art and design. Her core expertise lies in designing and interpreting the curriculum to suit varying needs of the target student segment.

Akanksha Maglani, Faculty, IIAD
Akanksha MaglaniFaculty

Akanksha Maglani, an alumnus of School of Architecture and Planning, Delhi, has worked on various projects based on restoration of myriad kind of architecture with museums and exhibition design being her core areas of interest.

Naveen Dohare, Faculty, IIAD
Naveen DohareFaculty

Naveen Dohare has over 18 years of extensive experience in the Fashion industry and brings to the table immense knowledge of how the industry functions, from the perspective of an established Fashion Designer.

Varun Shashni, Faculty, IIAD
Varun ShashniFaculty

Varun Shashni is a Fashion Designer with over 9 years of experience in the Indian Fashion domain. His expertise lie in concept and range development, trend study, silhouette development, illustration, sketching, pattern development and, colour and material development.

Hitesh Katiyar, Faculty, IIAD
Hitesh KatiyarVisiting Faculty

Hitesh Katiyar is a Licensed Architect with the Council of Architecture (COA), India and has over 8 years of professional experience in the field. He has successfully completed projects including residential complexes, educational institutions, archaeological parks and airport terminals to name a few.

John Edwards, Faculty, IIAD
John EdwardsVisiting Faculty

John Edwards is a ace photographer by profession and enjoys mentoring students on subjects like visual communication and photography.

Harmind Singh Arora, Faculty, IIAD
Harmind Singh AroraVisiting Faculty

Harmind Singh Arora, an experienced communication design professional, spends his time between his design studio and mentoring students in the capacity of a visiting faculty with various renowned design institutes.

Pallavi Arora, Faculty, IIAD
Pallavi AroraVisiting Faculty

Pallavi Arora holds extensive experience in the field of video filmmaking and has made some exceptional documentaries that have even won her awards at international film festivals. At IIAD, she mentors the communication design students and helps hone their filmmaking skills.

Ishan Khosla, Visiting Faculty, IIAD
Ishan KhoslaVisiting Faculty

Ishan Khosla is a design professional with over 15 years experience in book design, interactive graphic design and branding. He is also the founder of Ishan Khosla Design and a driving force behind ‘Typecraft Initiative’, an effort at keeping India’s cultural heritage alive.

Pooja Saxena, Visiting Faculty, IIAD
Pooja SaxenaVisiting Faculty

Pooja Saxena, professional Typeface Designer with extensive experience in the field will be mentoring the Communication Design students at IIAD in the capacity of a Visiting Faculty and offering her expertise on Typeface Design.

Gunjan Arora, Visiting Faculty, IIAD
Gunjan AroraVisiting Faculty

Gunjan Arora, a fashion designer and textile artist by profession, successfully runs his label ‘Sirali’ in collaboration with Rahul Jain, a former banker who shares his enthusiasm for fashion and preserving Indian culture using innovative techniques.

Nihar Manwatkar, Visiting Faculty, IIAD
Nihar ManwatkarVisiting Faculty

Nihar is a competent, hands-on entrepreneur with relentless passion to build things through innovation, uniqueness and originality in product and technology. He is the founder of The Banana Design Company and has vast experience in the field of Branding and Marketing.

Piyush Suri, Visiting Faculty, IIAD
Piyush SuriVisiting Faculty

Piyush Suri, Creative Director of Handmade in Britain, is an engineer turned designer with extensive experience in domains such as Textile Design, Fashion Design, Print Design and Interior Design.


Raghav Ahuja, Visiting Faculty, IIAD
Raghav AhujaVisiting Faculty

Raghav Ahuja, is an Architect by profession and a seasoned design educator in the field of Interior Architecture and Design. He is a strong believer in enhancing one’s knowledge in design through constant explorations and experiments in the field.

Himanshu Shani, Visiting Faculty, IIAD
Himanshu ShaniVisiting Faculty

Himanshu Shani is the Co-Founder of 11.11/eleven eleven and with over 14 years of experience in the field of Fashion. He has experience consulting popular brands like 55 DSL Pachamama in Italy and Levi's, Madhura Garments and Raymonds in India.

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