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Anurag Sehgal

Students at IIAD across all disciplines (Fashion, Interior Architecture and Communication Design) recently attended a design module on ‘Experiential Design’, facilitated by Anurag Sehgal and Puneet Monga. They shared some interesting examples of their work and spoke about the various ways in which technology can be incorporated in any form of design. The three day session (which is usually spread over 6 months in the corporate world) with the design duo concluded with students designing prototypes of their design with technology playing a major role in enhancing the overall user experience. The students came up with innovative ideas like a belt for the visually impaired, a waste collecting bin that sorts waste using Artificial Intelligence and a smooth in-store experience for an international footwear brand.

Experiential Design Lab is a design firm that specializes in offering participatory experiential design solutions for products, spaces and services in both online and offline modes. Anurag Sehgal is a renowned Interaction Design Consultant and founder of Experiential Design Lab while Puneet Monga is a design collaborator at the firm who loves working on computer aided creative projects. Their clientele includes Government of India, Nokia India, National Institute of Fashion Technology, BMW and Sony Xperia amongst others.

Fun Fact:
In addition to working on Experience Zones, Retail Spaces and Marketing Research, Experiential Design Lab has also worked on innovative products like Interactive Tables, Magic Mirrors and Touch Walls. You can read more about their realm of work on their website.

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