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Tripura Kashyap

Tripura Kashyap is a movement therapist, dance educator and choreographer.She was founder director of Rainbow Inc (Hyderabad) and Apoorva Dance Theatre (Bengaluru).She has worked collaboratively with filmmakers, visual artists and musicians on cross-art projects and performances. She has also been the project coordinator for Bhoomika dance Company (Delhi) and consultant for ‘Dance-in-Education’ program at Attakkalari Center for Movement Arts (Bengaluru). Tripura teaches CMTAI’s Dance Movement therapy certificate and diploma courses in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. She is the co-founder of Creative Movement Therapy Association of India (CMTAI) Fun Fact: Tripura Kashyap is the author of the book ‘My Body, My Wisdom’ - a handbook on Creative dance therapy.

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