Summer Programmes

Summer Programmes


Introduction to Art and Design

  • IIAD offers a stimulating and challenging short course in the discipline of Art & Design for anyone aspiring to explore design education. The course offers a taste of studio-based learning and an opportunity to experience resources and learning of a design school environment for young aspirants. By the end of the workshop, the participants would have gained an insight into design education, as well as a variety of relevant skills. More importantly, they would have grown in confidence and capacity for creative practices. Through the course, they get to explore and experience a variety of media and materials that help define visual sensibilities and initiate a personal and expressive creative language. Each student is encouraged to produce a body of work and the practical exposure during the workshop directly contributes to their portfolio. The week-long workshop will culminate in a display of work created by each participant, accompanied by a discussion helping them reflect on their learning.
  • Duration: June 11 - 16, 2018
  • Daily Schedule: 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Batch Size: 25
  • Eligibility: Students in Class XI and XII who are willing to explore design as a career option.

Module 1

Art by print-making

Print-making is a technique that allows artists to economically create multiple pieces of artwork for their clientele. Within this module, participants will learn different techniques of print-making and explore individual creative expression through colours and printing mediums. By the end of this module, each student would have created their own series of mono and/or linoleum prints.

Module 2

Communicating through art &

In this module, participants will discover the power of design as a communication tool. They will also experience how visual imagery can communicate information, as well as evoke, describe and express a feeling, action, object or a situation. Additionally, one will be encouraged to explore a medium and/or technique that interests her or already is proficient in thus getting an opportunity to upgrade skills and use it for design work. By the end of this module, each student would have created her own visual narrative (story).

Module 3

3-D design

Design practice in current times is moving to a collaborative space and working in a team is an essential skill for all designers. Within this module, participants will work as part of a small group to engage with IIAD's design learning approach of thinking through making. One will learn skills in model making, exploring 3D building, making and shaping using basic studio materials (such as paper, metal wire, plastic pipe, etc.). Material exploration and manipulation forms the backbone of this unit. By the end of this module, each group will have built a theme based 3D model.

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