Shyam Attreya

Assistant Professor

Shyam Attreya, a postgraduate in Communication Design from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology and a Product & Industrial Design graduate from Symbiosis Institute of Design is a designer, thinker and researcher – in that order. As a designer, he caters to both user experience through design research and the packaging that builds the trust with the end consumer.
During his undergrad days, he worked as an Intern with AndThen Digital Arts Pvt. Ltd, Shyam had the opportunity of designing and building sculptures that were installed at the Mumbai’s Domestic and International Airport as part of ‘Oktoberfest’ (the beer festival). He has always been experimental with his work and has been open to exploring numerous avenues in the field of design. His professional experience extends beyond the realm of design and one such example is his experience working with Total Jugaad Studios. Apart from being the Assistant Creative Director, he also assisted the team with character development, voice-over and acting.

As a Designer with Maxlit, he worked extensively on packaging and branding for one of their projects which also included design research and strategy for introducing a new technology in an already saturated home lighting systems market. Shyam has also offered his expertise as a Design Consultant to renowned companies such as Tech Mahindra, PaperPlane, Jain Farm Fresh and Protosys, before working with EyeNetra in the capacity of a Lead Designer and later as Creative Director for URBO.

His time at EyeNetra was one of his proudest accomplishments, he led a team of designers and engineers to streamline their rural telemedicine which allowed the organisation to fasten the rural livelihood creation programme called Nayantara, which is now implemented in over 97 countries. He had also worked as a Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant at Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology.

During his tenure as a Design Researcher/Thinker, he has assisted companies like KAN Innovations, GOQII, Point of Hue and StickFigure production house.

Shyam is an ardent reader, gamer, and a travel enthusiast. He also enjoys facilitating design thinking workshops that co-create holistic solutions to problems that could be solved with design. His philosophy states that designers have a responsibility to the culture and society by coming up with ways to reduce waste and he tries his best to implement this principle in real life. At IIAD, he would be engaging with and mentoring students pursuing their Communication Design Programme.

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