Pragya Sharma


Coming from an Electronic Engineering background, Pragya Sharma decided to embark on the challenging yet exciting journey of pursuing her passion in fashion design. While still in college, she ran her own fashion and lifestyle blog and eventually went on to complete her post graduate in Fashion Design from Pearl Academy. In fact, she had industry experience as a communication designer even before she began studying design as a subject. Over the years she has taken up many interesting projects as an assistant fashion designer with renowned menswear designer, Suket Dhir.

She follows a multi-dimensional approach to design and stresses on the interconnectedness between the different fields of design and how learning the know-how of other creative fields contributes to your own field’s design processes. Apart from mentoring students, she also offers freelance services as a graphic designer to brands like ParkZap and Swarnamarit, amongst others.

Pragya is an avid reader and thoroughly enjoys the process of writing. When not mentoring students or working on freelance projects, she can be found indulging in her other interests like photography and videography that also help her grow as a skilled fashion designer.

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