Postgraduate Programme in Fashion Business Management


Fashion Business Management professionals are amongst the most sought-after in the fashion industry for their intellect and ability to work out creative and financially sustainable strategies for a brand. The Fashion Business Management Programme is tailored to meet aspirations of individuals seeking to excel in leadership roles within the modern and dynamic fashion industry. The comprehensive programme will address key facets of fashion such as brand management, marketing, merchandising and retail amongst others. It will also ensure students gain clarity on the complexities of fashion businesses globally and understand how the industry operates.


At IIAD, the programme is structured to introduce students to the fundamentals of Fashion Business Management through detailed modules and projects. The learning experience during each project will be augmented by theoretical and technical inputs delivered through workshops, lectures, seminars and tutorials. There will be opportunities for students to challenge their domain knowledge through interactions with expert practitioners and researchers in the field.

The programme is delivered by a team of experienced professionals, both in industry and academia. A significant portion of the students’ time includes working independently as well as collaboratively.


Fashion being a fast-paced industry requires professionals with the acumen to drive successful fashion business models and units. Students of the Fashion Business Management programme will explore and evaluate new fashion markets, products and trends from a commercial and strategic perspective. The Course Team will provide detailed insights on differentiating Luxury from Mass fashion; Haute-Couture from Ready-to-Wear and, understanding apparel, accessories and footwear as fashion business units. In order to promote and communicate the brand well, students will be trained to identify key success factors of a fashion venture. Intensive modules and projects enable deeper understanding of a product’s life-cycle - from concept to production, followed by marketing and sales.

During the programme graduates develop an understanding of the key role played by brand management and marketing in fashion using traditional and new media. The programme enables a sound understanding of customer expectations, market trends, brand loyalties, services and pricing models in addition to delivering an effective customer experience. Students will also analyse how a brand’s image must be aligned with the distribution channel and brand/product portfolio for its success.

Critical skills like time-management, self-discipline and a strong work ethic are also nurtured and enhanced during the programme. Research, analytics and decision-making skills are seamlessly integrated in the curriculum and form an integral part of the teaching-learning methodology.

Graduates of the Fashion Business Management programme could also explore building their own companies.

Major areas that students can explore in an industry worth billions of dollars worldwide are:

  • Fashion Brand Management
  • Fashion Buying
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Product Management
  • Retail/Store Management
  • Public Relations
  • Events Management


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