Postgraduate Programme in Fashion Design


Fashion is easily amongst the oldest and by far the most popular discipline. Pursuing a Postgraduate Programme in Fashion Design is ideal for students with the creative ambition of thriving in an industry valued north of $3 trillion globally. The programme will help students explore their creative identity and refine it further as they unpack the myriad layers of the discipline. Fashion Design being a practical discipline demands rigorous hands-on exposure with a mature awareness of the complexities of the world of Fashion. Enrolling for this programme will address these aspects in addition to adding multiple dimensions to a student’s existing design repertoire and reflecting a passion for further study in the discipline.


IIAD has a teaching-learning philosophy strongly rooted in theories of ‘learning by doing’ and ‘thinking through making’. The studio-based experiential learning approach is strengthened by workshops, tutorials, seminars and lectures anchored in theory and practice. The studio is both a physical environment and a design education ethos. It is a shared learning space where students work independently, as well as, collaboratively, constantly interacting with their peers and tutors. The experiential learning environment of a studio extends into well-equipped Material Workshops and Digital Labs for practical and hands-on learning. Time-bound projects weaved seamlessly into multiple modules will help students structure their learnings.

Students are encouraged to explore the world of fashion through stimulating interactions with academicians and practitioners who hold extensive expertise in the field. The Course Team onboard will also encourage students to present, discuss, debate and defend their ideas and work on a regular basis - an aspect necessary for the growth of their critical reflection. There will be regular opportunities for self-evaluation and peer review during projects.


The postgraduate programme is certain to nurture the creative and conceptual knowledge of graduates who seek to pursue a career path in Fashion. Design development, experimentation, textile manipulation and garment prototyping will be pivotal facets that students will be exposed to. With a strong emphasis on research, the course-specific projects and student work will be underpinned with a thorough understanding of contemporary ideas and issues in the fashion industry such as sustainability, ethics, better production practices, and cultural identity. Simultaneously, students will also develop an awareness and sensitivity towards indigenous practices, traditional techniques and local identities.

In order to successfully meet challenges of the fashion industry, students will be given detailed insights on professional project development, collection development, marketing, business intelligence and personal branding. The programme will enable students to navigate the terrain of Fashion equipped with their individual creativity, vision, personal expression, critical evaluation and intellectual ability.

Students may even explore entrepreneurship with an advance level of practical knowledge and technical competencies in the discipline.

Some positions that graduates of this programme can enter into are:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Product Developer
  • Creative Pattern Maker
  • Fashion Co-coordinator
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Design Merchandiser
  • Fashion Educator
  • Fashion Illustrator


For detailed information on the Eligibility, Application Process and Fee Structure, please click here.

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