Dr. Jitin Chadha


As a young educational entrepreneur and a PhD in finance, Dr. Chadha is best known for his carefully conceived educational programmes. He is the Founder Director of the prestigious Indian School of Business and Finance (ISBF), New Delhi, which is well known for its affiliation with the University of London, London School of Economics (LSE).

He brings passion and experience to the field of education and a commitment to create a world class Design school in India to cater to the standards and requirements of international design. He believes in quality interdisciplinary programs that will nurture talent and intellectual curiosity, foster critical thinking along with giving the students a core skill set. To this end he has set up an international standard campus with high-tech infrastructure and has engaged the best talent to give direction to the students. Dr.Chadha is synonymous to quality education and IIAD is set to create a benchmark in International Design Education.

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