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Orientation Day 2015

On IIAD Orientation Day 2015, excited students interacted with faculty members and esteemed guests from the industry.

A student introduces himself IIAD students registering for the Orientation Day Utkarsh saying hello A student asking about fashion designing A Foundation student smiling at the crowd A foundation year student just asked her question Tanya participates in the question-answer session Abhinav responds to a question Anshu speaking into the mic Ritika listening to the question  Faculty member, Pankaj Narain sharing his views Utkantha all set to ask her question Diya smiling at the answer IIAD student puts her query to experts from the fashion industry Aarushi puts up her question IIAD's Dean, Prof. Usha Nehru Patel adressing the students Chief Guest, Rajdeep Sardesai adressing the students Communication Manager at IIAD, Ms. Bhavvna Jolly Prof. Usha Nehru Patel presenting bouquet to Advisory Board member, Nikhil Arora Prof. Usha Nehru Patel presenting bouquet to to Advisory Board member,  Leena Singh Jaspal Kalra, IIAD faculty member, sharing his experiences in the field of fashion design The audience listening to the expert views of IIAD's Dean Students filling up the forms for registration Registration for the Orientation Dr. Jitin Chadha, the Director and the Founder of IIAD addressing the students Lamp lightening ceremony at IIAD's Orientation Day 2015 Mr. Kishore Chakraborty sharing his experiences with the students Picture Perfect: IIAD Staff Head - Admin, Ms. Simrat Joshi, addressing the students Chairpersons, Mr. and Mrs. Chadha applauding Faculty member, Usha Iyer giving a motivational speech to the students Garima getting her query answered Head - Admissions and Faculty of IIAD The welcome speech by one of IIAD's faculty members Nikita about to ask her question Chaitanya speaking with his peers Buffet arrangement for students, guests and faculty members Ashna asking about the challenges faced as a fashion designer Siddharth poses a question Gunika enjoying the answer The dean of IIAD is happy to welcome the new students Sreyashi asking a question about communication designing The founder, Chairpersons and the advisory board members of IIAD Meenal  participates in the question-answer session A student is all ears at the orientation ceremony Mahima is asking her question to the guest Vandana asks a question at the orientation ceremony Shivranjini puts up her question at the orientation ceremony 2015 A new student poses her question to the guests Sebastian asking his query enthusiastically A student is encouraged to ask her query An IIAD student asks a question At the Orientation ceremony, a new student puts her question to the guests Aayush answers a query from his peers A new student of IIAD asks a question at Orientation 2015 An excited new student of IIAD asking a question A young student at IIAD waits for an answer to his query On the day of Orientation, Aditya listens Arushi with a content smile after her question is answered Bhumika asks her question to the guests A question being put up by Himaprabal Tanu from the new batch asks her query In Student Orientation Day 2015, a student asks her question A new student puts up her question Max smiling Kritika asks a question during orientation deeksha listens patiently to the guests Vishestha listening carefully Anjli looking forward to getting her answer IIAD foundation year student asks a question Manuel asks a question at the Orientation Day 2015 A new student feels content with the answer toher question Dakshita listening to the answer Ajeet puts his question to the guests at the IIAD Orientation 2015 Preritaasks her question on the day of the Orientation With a huge smile on her face, IIAD student puts up her question Rashika asks a question Parents of the new students sitting in the audience Diksha listens to the chief guest Kartik asking about the career prospects in the fashion industry Meha carefully listens to the answer Content with the answer, Aditya smiles Paras explains his question to the panel of guests Simran from IIAD, puts up her question Vanya puts her question to the panel of guests One of the students at IIAD put up a question Parents attending the IIAD orientation ceremony In Orientation 2015, Rohan listen to the guests with rapt attention With the experience shared by the chief guest, Sandeep finally gets the answer she seeks Yash is ready to ask a question Kinjal all set to ask his question Ravi puts up a question during orientation An interesting answer from the guest made Brinda smile IIAD's incoming batch ready to asks questions Siddhant asks a question at the IIAD orientation ceremony Himanshi asks about the interior architecture and design course Tanya's query being answered at the orientation ceremony A question being put up by Aakriti Nikita asks a query Komal explains her question to the guest Anmolputs up his query Garima all smiles to hear the answer


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