Notions of Self with Prof. Tapan Chakraborty


The session started with Prof. Tapan introducing himself and sharing his life’s story and experiences with the students gathered. Through a number of humorous and inspiring anecdotes from his life, he kept the entire batch of students captivated till the end of the session. “Be optimistic, don’t lose your inner child and never stop learning” – these were the three golden rules that Prof. Chakraborty encouraged the students to live by. These rules would not only help the students become successful design graduates but would also be of immense help throughout the course of their lives.

The session, through the means of interaction and storytelling, helped the students understand how throughout our lifetimes we develop notions of the self that continue to evolve as we go through a myriad of experiences, opportunities, and challenges. He also shed light on how each situation in life added multiple layers to who he is and allowed him to understand and accept the idiosyncrasies of the self. His interaction inspired the students to continue forging ahead in the field of design and find meaning in what they do.

A major outcome of the guest lecture was to develop an appreciation of the dynamic sense of self and learn from the beautiful experiences that life puts forth.

About Prof. Tapan Chakraborty

Prof. Tapan is a senior architect and currently Dean with the Sushant School of Architecture. He has been professionally engaged with a number of established Architecture/Urban Design firms in Delhi and organisations like UNDP and INTACH. He endeavours to seek a stimulating balance between the professional field and the academic field in the world of architectural design and is, therefore, simultaneously involved in a variety of professional and academic works.

Enquiry 2021