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Jaspal KalraFaculty

Jaspal Kalra, Fashion Design, Faculty, IIAD
Jaspal Kalra

Jaspal Kalra specializes in product realization processes in Fashion. He likes to work with traditional craft and has a tacit knowledge of their revival and design development. With over one and a half decades of professional design experience, working in close association with the craft sector under his own brand ‘Ushnik’ , with various non-government organizations, designers like Rina Dhaka, retail brand Freelook and export houses and buyers like Splash, Lee Cooper, Jaspal has become an expert in allied fields of fashion and problem-solving. Currently, he is pursuing his PhD research project on sustainability, product enhancement and craft development through design education. He has a Masters of Art in Design from Nottingham Trent University. He has been involved with academics since 2009 and has worked with design institutes like NIFT, Pearl Academy, NIIFT and SIFT. He has a Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education from Nottingham Trent University (2012) and Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design from NIIFT, Mohali(1999). He has presented many papers in various conferences nationally and internationally.

He is working on developing alternate approaches to conventional pattern making of garments which is also zero waste and has been coined as Incision Cutting. He developed the curriculum for a one year course based on sustainable practices and traditional garment knowledge at Pearl Academy, India and recently for garment realization education program to augment works of artisans of Kutch, India. Understanding context, optimism and responsibility form the wheels of all his endeavors.

the best design is the simplest one that works

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